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10 min readMar 31, 2023

MegaWorld (formerly MegaCryptoPolis) brings forth an experience that seamlessly integrates gaming, creativity, and the boundless potential of Web3 since 2018. Indisputably, games are becoming the primary gateway driving mass adoption to awe-inspiring on-chain world and there’s no way we’re going to miss the party.

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in gaming history as we unveil a monumental update for MegaWorld, which has been meticulously detailed in a series of articles published since 2020.

We are delighted to announce that the most highly anticipated mechanics, being in development for almost 2 years, are now scheduled for release within the next few months. Explore the exceptional features of MegaWorld Builder, Units market, MegaWorld ID, united land plot parcels, multi-chain dependency and MegaWorld Alpha missions — all in Q2 2023.

MegaWorld 2023 Release Plan

A number of thoughtfully designed upgrades, complementing one another to unleash an unforgettable adventure in the Web3 multiverse:

April 10MegaWorld Builder

Сreate Projects of Custom Buildings, plan Units within and test them with an Avatar. Estimate Resources and land plots required to deploy on the gaming map.

April 15 — Cross-Chain Paper for Offices

Finally, transparent daily reports for MEGA accumulation in each Office building and the Paper requirement to collect MEGA from the Global and Local Funds. Paper is created using cross-chain Resources delivered from other cities encouraging interconnected economy. The team will double the Funds on Ethereum and TRON gaming map and start providing liquidity the same day.

April 20 — Land Plot Parcels

Connect adjacent land plots owned by the same player in the same District to form parcels setting the stage for Custom Buildings deployment.

May 2023 — Construct Custom Buildings on Land Plot Parcels

Bring your vision to life by deploying Projects on Parcels and transforming the MegaWorld landscape. Deploy and tokenize Custom Buildings on the gaming map, trade minted Units on the market using MEGA or capitalize on your creations by selling license fees to construct your marvels. Place ads on the city streets and buildings.

Q2 2023 — MegaWorld Alpha Express Delivery

Of all these exciting additions, the most sought after is the MegaWorld Alpha, which is expected to make its grand debut in the second quarter of this year. Embark on missions with your Avatar, complete tasks in legacy buildings to earn MEGA and purchase Units required to withdraw well-deserved rewards.

Propelling Avatars into the world of production will become a must as Resources will not be produced in the game without completing missions in legacy buildings. This will require Avatars to strategically choose Units to serve as spawn points and complete tasks in various production centers on the gaming map, monitoring the market for better Citizens to boost results and earn rewards in high-level buildings.

MegaWorld Beta — TBA

With the ongoing development of MegaWorld, Units are set to become a multifunctional component — in addition to their role as spawn point and work permit, Units will serve a range of various functional purposes such as storage, crafting, restoration, still being tradable tokens on the open market.

Avatars will be able to place interior items, store tools, use workbenches to craft equipment required for missions and create new interior objects. Throw parties and hang out with friends, invite colleagues and do presentations, just to name a few. A Unit in MegaWorld Beta can represent a digital art gallery, NFT store, corporation HQ or a personal living space.

The next chapter in the MegaWorld saga unlocks unparalleled creative possibilities, one that promises to be nothing short of epic.

The following is a comprehensive look at all the MegaWorld’s new features.

The Builder Demo

Starting already the next month, we’ll unleash the creative power of MegaWorld Builder to allow players design Custom Buildings, define Units within them and calculate the necessary resources required to deploy your masterpiece onto the gaming map.

You can either use a Project created in the Builder to construct a Custom Building on your land plot parcel or publish the Project in Catalog to sell the building license to other players earning royalties in MEGA.

Profit from Your Creativity

With the Project license system, you can monetize your designs by selling building licenses to other players reaping the rewards of your creative genius every time someone deploys it on the gaming map. Fuelling your creative endeavors as more players adopt your Custom Buildings and building up popularity for your Projects can establish you as an accomplished architect.

Customization Galore

The Builder offers an extensive range of customization options, including wall types, doors, windows, colours, roofing materials, and more. This allows you to create truly unique and distinctive Custom Buildings that reflect your personal style and the specific requirements of your Units.

Beyond Imagination

Units are the essential functional components of your Custom Buildings, tailored to accommodate various purposes such as residential spaces, storage facilities, or corporate offices. You have the power to create these Units from Blocks of your Custom Buildings, ensuring that they perfectly align with your vision and the needs of potential buyers.


Place banners and signboards on Custom Buildings to display any information you wish, personalizing your building and contributing to the gaming world’s visual appeal.

For those looking to make a bold statement, huge billboards can be constructed on a single land plot Parcel or integrated into a building’s design. For those who prefer subtler advertising options, city formats provide an unobtrusive way to promote services, products, or messages.

Ads could be strategically placed throughout the game world engaging passing Avatars without detracting from a building’s aesthetics.

Resource Management

MegaWorld is a game where everything has its value, and nothing was ever handed out for free! Every item is crafted by players using materials created by other players, driving a groundbreaking player-powered economy like never before.

Every item used to construct a Custom Building on a gaming map requires Resources and Materials produced in MegaWorld Strategy. Total amount of Resources require to deploy a building on a land plot is described in the Project. The Builder’s resource management system enables you to calculate the necessary resources for your Custom Building, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the costs and requirements involved in bringing your Project to life.

Resources are the backbone of the interconnected MegaWorld multiverse. Produced by players in functional buildings in Strategy mode, they are required to construct, upgrade and maintain all the buildings in the MegaWorld.

This aspect of the game defines a pure challenge and excitement as players must balance their creative endeavors with the practicalities of acquiring the necessary Resources to bring their visions to life.

Experience Custom Buildings Today

You can still get a sneak peek of the custom buildings on the BNB Chain map in the MegaWorld Tour. Check out the wide range of buildings that were already created using the Builder, and get inspired for your own custom building Projects. This is just a taste of what’s to come with these updates.

Overall, the Builder offers an unparalleled experience for designing, customizing, and profiting from Custom Buildings that serve as a representation of the player’s identity and creativity within the MegaWorld.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the Builder provides the tools, flexibility, and opportunities to create your very own virtual real estate enterprise.

Uniting Land Plots

Land plot parcels will enable players to combine multiple adjacent land plots into larger, unified areas. That allows for the construction of Custom Buildings providing players with greater control and customization options within the game.

A Parcel can represent a single land plot or a group of connected plots. Only adjacent land plots with no buildings owned by the same player in the same district could be united in a Parcel.

Parcels function as independent tokens, their logic can be described as “wrapped” land plots token. Parcels can be bought, sold or transferred as individual tokens, with or without Custom Buildings constructed on them.

Please not that forming T and L shapes for parcels and Custom Building will be unavailable on this stage, only squares and rectangles allowed.

Functional (legacy) buildings cannot be constructed on Parcels. However, Parcels can be easily dismantled to release the contained land plots, making them available for constructing legacy buildings again.

Uniting land plots into Parcels empowers players to create larger and more ambitious Custom Building Projects, explore new strategic options for Units placement and further shape the mega game world to suit unique visions and preferences.

Choosing the perfect location for your Custom Building is crucial in MegaWorld, as strategically placing it near production centers allows Avatars to quickly access and complete tasks, thus boosting results both for producers and executors.

With the growing demand for Resources in constructing Custom Buildings, providing a sufficient number of nearby Units for avatars to reside in becomes increasingly important.

Flip Units and Capitalize on Your Creations

Once a Custom Building is deployed on a Parcel, you can choose to use the entire building for your own purposes or divide it into Units and monetize them separately. Mint each Unit from the Project as an independent token to be offered on the market, rented or shared with your Corporation members*.

Units will be necessary for every Avatar to withdraw MEGA earned in MegaWorld Alpha missions.

As Avatars require multiple Units across different parts of the map to set as respawn points and collect missions near production buildings, savvy players can capitalize on this demand by building Units near the core production centers in the game.

Units play a crucial role in the game, as they can be used by Avatars for various purposes, including storage, crafting facilities, corporate offices, or personal spaces.

The Units marketplace is the hub for all the virtual real estate transactions for Avatars. Whether you’re looking to buy your first Unit or trade up to a more luxurious space, gear up MEGA.

With this update, Main Tower Storefronts will be minted as Units and will become available for trading on the market.

Cross-Chain Dependency: Uniting Economies

MegaWorld gaming universe consists of multiple blockchain-powered cities together creating a rich, interconnected economy.

The Cross-chain dependencies update will be implemented in several patches, starting with Paper to be required in Offices already this April.

To produce Paper, players will need to import Compounds from two other chains via the Airport and use them in their target chain city.

The upcoming update emphasizes the importance of multi-chain resource production, challenging players to work together on Ethereum, TRON and BNB chain to leverage the unique strengths of each city to maximize their collective success.

This feature will finally close the gaming loop, reduce liquidity drain and foster collaboration between players across different cities.

One of the most significant part about this update is the more transparent MEGA collection system with daily reports and hourly calculations, ensuring that players have access to accurate information about their resources and earnings at any time. The option of appointing a Citizen once a day for several hours to prevent a building from being hit by a Natural Disaster and optimize stamina restoration will be eliminated.

The team will double the Funds on Ethereum and TRON gaming map and start adding liquidity to the pools. Additionally, we are exploring new partnerships and collaborations in the ecosystem to increase the liquidity.

MegaWorld ID: United Account

The unified account that streamlines your access to all MegaWorld services, including MegaWorld Alpha, Strategy, Builder, Market and Creators Campaign.

With a single login, you will be able to manage your public profile and enjoy the seamless experience on revamped website.

MegaWorld Alpha

Coming in Q2 2023, this unprecedented release will allow Avatars to embark on deliver missions and explore the vast MegaWorld by helping legacy building owners produce Resources and earn rewards in MEGA on a daily basis.

Alpha focuses on operations of Production, Industrial, and Energy buildings (excluding Appliances Factory). As Avatars will need to visit Residential, Commercial, Municipal and Offices to achieve their mission goals, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all the building types.

With Express Delivery just around the corner, players can look forward to an immersive and rewarding in-game experience that expands the horizons of MegaWorld.

Stay tuned for more Alpha!

We are grateful for your continued support and can’t wait for the MegaWorld community to dive into these fantastic new features. Get ready for the unprecedented journey to redefine the boundaries of Web3 gaming!

Discover the full story behind these revolutionary updates through the series of articles:

* — unconfirmed feature.




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