MegaWorld — Chapter III. Missions for Casual Players

The third article in a series describing the upcoming “World” expansion to transform the MegaCryptoPolis city builder strategy game into a metaverse.

Underlying technology and core game mechanics could be complicated for a casual player to get in MegaCryptoPolis.

So is the entry barrier — one can hardly imagine a way to try the game without MetaMask / TronLink and 0.1 ETH / 4000 TRX ($200–300 at current ETH rates). Things are going to change pretty soon with the World expansion.

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Revolution

A whole new free-to-play layer will allow to invite millions to play for fun, explore the metaverse and learn how things are settled in the MegaWorld.

A series of daily activities called Missions requiring little to no effort for a casual player will become available in all operational Residential, Office, Commercial, Municipal, Industrial, Production and Energy buildings.

Avatars will be able to enter these buildings to discover nice interiors and a Citizen from the appointed team that can offer a Mission with nice rewards.

That said, every Microeconomics building will get its own Interior (just like a Custom Building) that can be modified and customized by a building owner to display NFTs, place ads, offer in-game items and rare art. Solid traffic generated depending on its location on the gaming will to help in sales.

Completing a Mission may require to visit other buildings, check production results, talk to appointed Citizens, study current market listings, sales reports and or a land plot history. That will make sure every casual player will become familiar with the Microeconomics concept and the MegaWorld gaming map.

Missions will explain basics of how land plots are acquired, buildings constructed, NFTs created and traded.

Customized interior for a high level Production building.

On the way from one building to another during a Mission a player will discover many Custom Buildings constructed around. As described in the previous Chapters, some of them may be willing to welcome guests, some will not — as a Custom Building may have Private and/or public Blocks.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy the Microeconomics buildings Interiors already in the Mega World Demo Stage II.

Starting a Casual Game

A free Gen K Citizen will be given to every player with no need to sign a transaction. Gen K Citizens have common look with no option to change outfit — being good only for the first steps in the game and Simple Missions.

After a short tutorial guiding a new player from the Airport to the Main Tower, a few goals will be suggested to be accomplished immediately:

  • Book a private Apartment in the Main Tower (no TX and fees)
  • Go for Simple Missions to get Free Materials and Tools
  • Use Free Materials and $WORLD to craft unique NFT Objects
  • Use Tools to complete Advanced Missions with rewards in $WORLD
  • Trade NFT Objects with other players or use it to customize your Apartment
  • Trade $WORLD to help buildings operate in the Microeconomics

Proceeding with Advanced Missions will require a Gen J Citizen or higher. The better the avatar’s Citizen Generation and qualifications are the better results it will have on a Mission. Some Missions will not be available for low qualified Citizens. Better Missions will be granted in top level buildings.

Following these goals a player will discover all the major aspects of the decentralzed metaverse allowing to accumulate some ETH or TRX that can be used to grab land plots and construct buildings — being it Microeconomics or a Custom ones — we all know, that’s where the story begins.

The $MEGA and the $WORLD


Aside staking and governance, $MEGA will be required to produce Resources and maintain buildings in the MegaWorld, while $WORLD will be asked to create Citizens in Residentials, customize Interiors and craft unique NFT Objects. Also $MEGA will be used to construct Custom Buildings, $WORLD — to customize interiors.

For example, to create a new Citizen token in a Residential building, some $WORLD will be required on top of Resources and ETH. Building an additional storey in a Custom Building will not only consume lots of Steel, that will take some $MEGA as well.

Anyway, seems like that’s worth a discussion.

MegaWorld Demo Stage II.

The second Mega World Demo will finally allow to open doors in the Main Tower and explore the gaming map walking down the streets and entering buildings with a Citizen as an Avatar. In addition to all the operational buildings, the first Custom Building architectural project interactive presentation will be opened to visit.

Mega World development plan looks as follows:

✅ Mega World Demo — Main Tower Lobby, Mayor’s Office, Storefronts

🔳 Mega World Intro — Walking down the streets of the decentralized city, entering buildings, featuring the Fellowship Towers and the Penthouse 43 (Custom Building example)

🔳 Mega World Tour — Hanging out with other Citizens on the gaming map

🔳 Mega World Alpha — Missions to mint the $WORLD

🔳 Mega World Builder —Constructing Custom Buildings Projects

🔳 Mega World Release — Deploying Custom Buildings on the gaming map

After having all the entry barriers broken, there is nothing else preventing us from effective mass marketing strategies!

The World story to be told in seven chapters:





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