MCP World — Chapter II. Interiors & NFT Objects

Interiors are the important part of MegaCryptoPolis transformation to a metaverse being actual storefronts to present NFTs on a scarce gaming map.

World upgrade will enable players to enter buildings with their Citizens as avatars to explore custom interiors created by others. That could be the perfect place to display crypto art and unique objects created in the game, offer services and rare NFTs for sale or just furnish a lovely environment to hang out in the virtual city with friends.

The Higher The Tower The Better The View
A Custom Building created from Blocks, each with its own customizable interior.

Building the developer’s dream — find a precious location on the gaming map to construct the rarest Penthouses with extraordinary views to let or sale.

That will make sure top floor interiors created from largest Blocks (normally we’ll call ’em Penthouses) will not only have the best views but undoubtfully hold a higher minimal price tag.

Every new player will be given a tiny private apartment in the Main Tower (absolutely for free) to start the game with.

Aside of its size, there will be some limitations on available customizations for the apartment — so, a player may be willing to find a more spacious Block in the city then.

Main Tower Lobby

The place to start the game for every new player. Features Concierge, Storefronts (those will be the most iconic World’s NFTs after Astronauts), Governance Hall, a free Workbench to craft items and lifts to access private apartments.

MCP World playable demo scheduled for March 15, 2021.

The upcoming World Demo will allow to enter the Main Tower Lobby — visit Mayor’s office with incredible panorama and check how NFT objects are displayed in the interior.

NFT Objects

There are three major types of Objects to be placed inside Blocks:

  • Decoration — collectable items to decorate an interior, can be anything from furniture to statue;
  • Functional — an object a player can interact with, for example a piano to enable music in apartment, an Easel to draw NFT pictures, a laptop to invite a friend;
  • Metaverse objects — NFT representing a piece of crypto art or an item from other project, just like adorable unique CryptoKitties.

Crafting NFT

Players will be able to create new NFT objects using a Workbench.

NFT objects for a custom World interior.
Resource Packs presented in a Warehouse for sale.
  • crypto art gallery,
  • private apartment;
  • Corporation office;
  • a Car dealership;
  • furniture store;
  • warehouse offering stockpiles of Resources;
  • farmhouse;
  • clothing store;
  • tattoo saloon;
  • penthouse;
  • appliances store;
  • a bar;
  • lawyer’s office;
  • conference hall;
  • a vineyard.

The World story to be told in seven chapters:



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