Mega World — Chapter V. Citizens Transformation to Avatars & PFP NFTs

Diversity comes to the Megaverse

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5 min readJun 14, 2022

As the megaverse is looming, the decentralized city of MegaCryptoPolis is gradually evolving, step by step. And this time, it all comes to Citizens. It’s impossible to imagine a city without inhabitants. Without population, any megapolis, real or virtual, is just a lifeless dump of concrete, metal and glass.

Being the pinnacles of creation, we, the people, ourselves became the main creative power in the world, apart from nature itself, of course.

We design, create, inspire. We are all the same, yet very different. We are individuals, but live in societies. We are unique personas. We are the Citizens.

Starting June 14, all MegaCryptoPolis Citizens were magically transformed into fabulous Avatars — unique 3-Dimensional NFTs with distinctive traits and characters to represent their owners in the megaverse and all across the exciting new world of Web3.

These evolved Citizens will not only serve in Microeconomy buildings, but their unique blockchain-proven Avatars can be used to explore the Mega World as well as an original profile picture to use across all social networks.

Introducing Traits

Each and every Citizen gets a unique character. When it comes to an character, no detail is too small.

The aggregate of all characteristics, skills and strengths is something that distinguishes each and every one of us.

In the megaverse we call them Traits.

Traits are unique characteristics, they can be either inherited or obtained. Most Traits will become crucial for Microeconomics — affecting production speed and effectiveness, reducing buildings maintenance costs or damage received from Natural Disasters; some are good in the F2P megaverse gameplay — making your Avatar more effective in a certain types of Tasks.

Traits may not only be helpful (like Hardworking reduces the time spent at the Workbench) but also negative (ex. a Bumbling citizen breaks tools faster, a Pessimistic one restores less stamina while eating and a Lazy citizen has a smaller amount of energy for F2P Tasks). Some Traits could be visual only — unique Traits will give a special and unique appearance to the Avatar.


Every Citizen from your collection could be used as an Avatar for metaverses.

PFP is actually a face of your 3D Avatar — the look is final, pre-determined by set of Traits and can not be changed.

However, players will be able to change Outfits for their Citizens for various metaverse occasions as well as swap various Wearables. Outfits are designed for the whole body, while Wearables could be taken in the hands and could give some functions in the Mega World (like hammers for smashing rocks).

Starter Outfit depends on a Citizen’s Gen and Traits. In the upcoming updates everyone able to acquire new clothes in Commercial buildings — some players will prefer to create their own Outfit NFTs to be traded on the open market.

Please be informed that customization feature in the currently running Commercial buildings may cease to exist starting June 30, 2022.

New Residentials

One of the most significant changes coming with the Mega World Alpha is a new approach to residential buildings.

These types of buildings will allow players to create new Citizen tokens with unique sets of Traits by combining 2 parents of different genders in a Residential building. The only extra thing that will be needed to succeed is $WORLD, a lot of $WORLD.

New Traits for a ‘child’ will be inherited from ‘parents’. Remarkably, it will be possible to create a Citizen token with some rare or even unique Traits. Some of them could even influence the economy of the whole city.

There are two main parameters for the new version of breeding: the specific traits the parents should have and the number of them. Gen A Citizens have 10 Traits, the total number of which will decrease with every following generation. Only Special Citizens might have more than 10 Traits, which raises your chances to create a Citizen with a unique set of Traits.

New Look & Feel for Gen K

The starter Gen K Citizen model is also thoughtfully reworked to meet the new standards. All the guest Avatars (the unconfirmed title “Lumberjack”) will share the same model — however, the beard color will vary.

A free-to-play Avatar will still be available to all the newcomers for tutorials and very basic missions in the Mega World.

Making a PFP

Effective immediately, “Meet The Avatars” release allows to browse through your Citizens collection to capture the prettiest or most bizarre Avatar to be used as a PFP (profile picture).

Please open the MegaCryptoPolis and choose an “Avatars” button in the top left menu or hit the vivid banner on the bottom right.

Unfortunately, “Meet The Avatars” is not presented on mobile devices. Please use your desktop or laptop to access the release.

  1. Browse through your Avatars collection, check Traits and characteristics
  2. Press the “Make PFP Avatar” button to capture a profile picture
  3. Choose desired angle and background and hit the camera icon

A unique Avatar PFP picture will be generated and downloaded to your device. Right click save as 👌

Please be informed that current release of the “Meet The Avatars” is a work in progress. Your Avatars appearance, accessories and Traits could be adjusted prior to the Mega World Alpha release.

That’s Not All

As we are approaching the Mega World, the whole gameplay experience is becoming more personalized. Citizens are becoming more like fully-fledged players’ Avatars with unique sets of traits, specialties, unique appearances and authentic clothes. On top of that we’re taking the first steps towards a gesture system that will facilitate the process: your Avatars will receive a set of various animations, from simple greetings to advanced emotions and dance styles. This will bring the additional specter of opportunities to express yourself in the Web3 world.

The Mega World story to be told in seven chapters:

Stay tuned for more updates!



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