Mega World — Chapter IV. Transportation

Once the Mega World goes live, the broad population of newly arrived Citizens will breath life into decentralized metaverse streets following the Public Transport Map.

Transportation system defines the routes players will take in their adventure from the very start of their free-to-play career. These routes will describe the way for traffic to be distributed throughout the gaming map distinguishing trendy spots from suburbs.

  • Subway — fast travel between Districts,
  • Bus rapid transit — roam within a District,
  • Airlines — travel to another city (network),
  • Taxi — get quick to any desired location in return for $WORLD.
  • Hoverboard — levitating board used to race the streets of the metaverse;
  • Cars — the convenience of a Taxi without fare;
  • Helicopters —a faster form of personal transportation with a view.

Subway Stations

Every District is allowed to have only 1 Subway Station. A Subway Station requires 4 land plots (2x2 field) and a lot of Resources to be constructed.

Public Transport Map

Bus Stop

Going by bus is the best way to get from one side of a District to another. Also every Bus Stop allows to reach the nearest Subway station to travel then to any other part of the World.


Finally, we’ll have an Airport to allow for seamless passenger flow between Ethereum and TRON maps.

Taxi & Personal Transport

As it was mentioned before, Vehicle tokens along with the upcoming Helicopters will be used to travel with convenience in the Mega World. Taxi is just a type of Vehicle for hire to be used by a single Citizen for a small fare in $WORLD.

Give Your Quarter a Name

Every Subway Station and a Bus Stop can be given a name to appear on the Public Transport Map. These buildings will not ask any ETH/TRX for taxes or commissions to be constructed on operated, only Resources in reasonable amounts are required.

Shaping the Future of the Metaverse Today!

It’s all about players to build the transit system for the metaverse.

  • Give names to metaverse quarters — you define how Citizens will call ‘em
  • Place ads on your Bus Stops and Subway Station once the World is live
  • Gather traffic around your objects
  • Develop your District to attract Custom Building owners and Storefront operators to evolve around

Give it a ride!

Once there will be enough Subway Stations and Bus Stops, we’d love to invite you to give the transit system a stress test. The upcoming Mega World Demo Stage 2 will allow using the Public Transport Map to navigate on the gaming map with a Citizen as an avatar.

The World story to be told in seven chapters:



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