Mega World — Chapter VI. Materials & Crafting

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7 min readJul 22, 2022

This is the sixth article in a series describing an upcoming World expansion for the MegaCryptoPolis city builder strategy game.

Brand-new, but still beloved by thousands — the World to explore.

Mega World is based on MegaCryptoPolis gaming map with 58,272 land plots on Ethereum network and 55,380 on TRON Network. Mega World will add two core gameplay functions — Custom Buildings and Tasks for Avatars.

Custom constructions consisting of Blocks — forming interiors to be used by Avatars to live, work and create experiences for other players in the megaverse.

Once a player gets his own Block in the megaverse, there are three major ways how it can be used:

  1. Equipped for crafting interior Objects;
  2. As a shelter for an Avatar decorated to its taste;
  3. As a place to invite other players: for an event, a performance, NFT shopping, auction, visiting a gallery, to hang out, just to name a few;

or combined in any variations depending on Objects fitted inside.

Objects is what brings sense to Blocks, makes them functional. A Block without Objects is an empty box. Some Objects are just decorations, while another are interactive and designed to have functions for Avatars to interact with them.

The Economy of Items

There are many things that make Mega World stand out among other virtual worlds. But the main reason, the cornerstone of what makes the metaverse interesting, engaging, and full of opportunities — is the economy.

A player can find and pick up a stone or a stick in the World and put it in his Inventory — from that very moment the Item belongs to the player, and will become unavailable for other players in the World until spawned again in another place.

Items are created and dropped on certain conditions in all the Districts, to obtain them it requires a lot of exploration for players. Think of it like an endless treasure hunt on a daily basis.

Items then could be used to craft an Object, stockpiled in Blocks or spent in Tasks. Most Tasks will ask a player just for basic Items to help Microeconomics players perform operations in the Mega World.

For example, if a Task received in a legacy building asks you to nail boards, you will need nails and a hammer to complete this Task.

Rare Items and Object could also be a reward for a Task. Objects are required to accomplish the most complicated Tasks in the game with the most valuable rewards.

Item Types

Items in Mega World are closely related to the main aspects of the game and could be classified to certain categories:


Simple items collected on the gaming by Avatars to be used for Crafting and completing Tasks. They’re obtainable from various sources and remain in a player’s inventory until used or thrown away. Can be used to create more complex Items on a workbench.


An apple or a hot dog, depending on your lifestyle and diet preferences. The most widespread and widely used Items. These are used to give your Avatar a temporary boost or restore energy. Disappearing upon consumption, Consumables also can be required to complete Tasks, as well as be a reward after you complete one. Some Tasks may require Consumables useful for other Tasks, so players should arrange their affairs accordingly.


As obvious as it may seem, some actions can be performed with your bare hands, but it is much more convenient to use some Tools to speed up the process. This is the only type of Items with a durability scale — once it reaches 0, the tool will break.


Life is better when you have a nice sofa to chill on. And you’d rather chill in a cozy environment, like a spacious living room with a bunch of art pieces hanging around, wouldn’t you? If so, Objects come in handy.

Some Objects are functional, some are purely cosmetic, used to breathe life into your interiors and properties. Most of the time obtaining an Object will require crafting, though some will be given as a reward after completing difficult Tasks. In the future players will even be able to customize thier Objects and create NFT based on them to trade with other megaverse citizens and NFT enthusiasts.

Crafting an Object

Like everything else in Microeconomics, most objects in the game are created by players and owned by players. That’s what makes Mega World special — it is actually built and designed by players, and always will be.

It is not easy to create something without proper equipment — try building a birdhouse with your bare hands. Most likely you will have a hard time and lots of splinters and a complete mess as a result. That is where Workbenches come into play. In Mega World there are a few things needed for a successful craft: a Workbench, Resources, a Recipe, and a Citizen to do the job.

A few Workbenches of various specializations will be available. As in real life, working with the bench will take time and consume Avatar’s Energy. Depending on a Recipe players will get either an indefinite outcome, determined randomly depending on the features of the chosen Workbench and characteristics of the operating Citizen. Recipes also determine the amount of time and energy required to create an Object.

The basic Workbench could be found in the Main Tower, the more advanced ones will have to be built, thus require a place in a Block, Items to be created from, and special skills to operate it. Business idea — build the best Workbench in a District and charge entrance fees — that would be possible as well.

Types of Workbenches

Workbenches are the objects that can be interacted with to create Consumables, Tools and interior Objects with their respective Recipes. Some Recipes may require an Avatar to have certain Traits and achievements.

Each workbench has its own specialization.

  • Worktable — the most basic workbench with no special requirements for operating Citizens. Enables beginners to get acquainted with the crafting process.
  • Campfire / Kitchen — both of these specialize in food production (Consumables), but they have a number of differences. Firstly, using Campfire requires fuel, which means sticks are required for each Recipe. The Kitchen comes in handy when it comes to preparing complex dishes.
  • Metalworking machinery — allows players to smelt a variety of metal objects and create tools that increase the efficiency of Citizens. In the future, it will be possible to smelt various metal figures on this bench and place them in the interiors.
  • Woodworking machinery — makes it possible to perform complex interactions with wood to create a wide variety of furniture.
  • Sewing machine — persons are greeted by their clothes, and Citizens are no exception. The sewing machine is the foundation for the production of unique outfits for players. (more about what Outfits and how Citizens wear them coming in future articles).
  • Spray gun — colors are the basis of creativity. What can be more desirable than the ability to repaint the interiors in your favorite color?
  • Precision equipment — when creating complex instruments, accuracy is crucial. Being able to arrange furniture in your Custom Building is already an incredible experience, but just imagine how cool it is to put a slot machine in there that anyone can interact with. This bench is the cradle for the most technologically complex items that can be produced.

You can hardly name an existing metaverse where you can actually get engaged for more than half an hour. Mega World will not be the case.

World is what we build with our own hands!

The Mega World story to be told in seven chapters:

Stay tuned for more updates!




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