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Custom Architectural Projects for the Mega World Metaverse

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6 min readSep 7, 2021

MegaCryptoPolis will never be the same again. The launch of the Mega World expansion not only brings an additional layer to the game, that creates a whole new Metaverse based on the MCP3D gaming map. Let’s take a sneak peek at what that could feel like.

As described in the previous Chapters, players will be able to construct Custom Buildings on their land plots and allow others visiting them with Citizens as avatars.

What makes the most significant change here is a new button in the “Construct a Building” menu — as simple as that:

However, that opens a whole new world of choices for what a spare land plot could be used for.

Custom Buildings are constructed from Architectural Projects, being, in fact a kind of a blueprint describing materials and resources required for construction. A project can be created by any player (without any expenses) offered to other players on the market or used for a specific land plot.

Landowners will be able to choose from a variety of available projects created by other players, making the World more diverse and unique, also supporting talented artists, to acquire building rights — players will be required to spend some ETH/TRX or $MEGA as a reward to an architect.

A Custom Building can be anything from a tent, farm house or a signature complex.

We may think of unique 1-of-1 projects being more expensive or more common ones requiring less roaylties in $MEGA. Resources needed to construct a building (like Wood, Bricks and Concrete) are defined by the project complexity— additional blocks, storefronts, floors and decorations will obviously make it costly.

A simple Farm House built from small Blocks will fit a faraway rural District asking near-to-nothing in Resources and $MEGA to build, while a huge Warehouse to store and sell Resources in a District next to a beach will require a lot more.

Let us show you a more detailed example of what a Custom Project can be.

“The Fellowship Towers

We’re very proud to invite you to discuss an idea of the perfect fit for the 2x5 land plot footprint aggregated by Blue Chip in front of the Main Tower.

There was nothing like this ever before. Designed to be one of a kind. Something that is really unique and different to what had been created in the past.

Two incredible towers sitting on a bold foundation with 2 Storefronts and a fantastic Lobby. The higher “Manor” tower consists of ~100 living Blocks featuring one of a kind full-floor Penthouse. The “Bastion” tower designed to host Corporations headquarters in its ~50 Blocks overlooking the Main Tower.

When you first arrive in the city and approach “The Fellowship”, there is an incredible feeling of discovery and general atmosphere, that just feels right.

It’s all about players coordinated efforts to construct one. Tons of Steel, Concrete, Bricks and Glass. Millions of Citizens workhours and thousands of Stamina points. Months of Energy and Water production all to make one quite special building with that magical sense of arrival, harmonious balance, playful interplay of curiosity and inception.

That’s not only the large picture windows looking on Decentral Park opposite the Main Tower and benevolent Concierge in the Lobby that creates a livable, warm and friendly harmony. It’s the constant feeling the space just feels good in its combination of materials and sense of home wherever it is placed.

The interior design takes cues from the architecture, creating an incredible sense of lovely atmosphere. The project maximizes every aspect of its special location in order to enhance the surrounding views and traffic.

The Fellowship 43 lobby is definitely not a traditional entry. Imbued with a sense of calm and serenity, it provides you with confidence of being in the right place while let you through to an apartment or your Corporation’s HQ.

It just feels like a part of the home, creating enjoyable memories each time you walk in the space.

“The Penthouse 43"

A true one of one. A World marvel. Never ever been on the market before.

Spending the entire floor plate of the highest 50th floor in “The Fellowship 43” represented with the tallest and the largest Block to grant uninterrupted living space.

Only one top floor. Only one true penthouse. The only apartment in the entire building that is actually meant to be and designed as a full floor. Maximizing the size of the Block to really make use of all of the space in the most efficient way.

There are 20 windows measuring 25 by 25 ft each giving us 360 degree views of the District 43.

Breathtaking views, endless amenities and eyewatering price tags — these new wave of properties are strictly for those with eth-figures bank accounts.

Welcome to the club.

The layout is perfect. The proportion, the expands — everything is designed to perfection. These windows, these views are unlike anything ever seen.

A building that fits its location is a true piece of art. The virtual real estate piece worth the best private collections.

The “Bastion” and The “Manor”

Every Block in the “Manor” tower designed like a hotel suite to accommodate a Citizen or two. It has to be warmth and friendly, and not too pretentious — we’ve achieved that through the use of natural materials which will last and withhold the value for years.

Contemporary interiors in the “Bastion” tower wrap around splendid views creating a sense of harmony through the solid layer of robustness.

Just the perfect place for every Corporation or a Citizen to stay…

…or Still Not The One?

“The Fellowship” is just a vrtual architectural project and may not be actually chosen by Blue Chip for that certain land plots — could be constructed by any other player in any other District. Everyone will be able to create anything like that.

Anyway, that gives a perfect glimpse of what can be constructed in the Mega World to enhance the surroundings, especially considering massive land plot joints those still can be united in the decentralized city.

Players will be able to visit “The Fellowship Towers” and “The Penthouse 43” already in the Mega World Demo V2 (constructed temporarily for demonstration purposes only).

A pleasure to invite you to the Discord and Twitter.





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