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MegaCryptoPolis Evolution Stage II, Mega World Tour release and $MEGA 1:10 Swap

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7 min readAug 15, 2022

As the decentralized city builder strategy game MegaCryptoPolis is gradually transforming into the first of its kind economic Mega World metaverse there is a lot of preparation and strategic planning going on.

That said, there are five major events to follow this month:

  • Mega World Tour release, multiplayer tech demo with a Task
    August 24, 5 PM UTC
  • MCP3D (MegaCryptoPolis strategy game) maintenance planned for
    August 24– September 7
  • $MEGA Token merge (new smart contract for the Mega World $MEGA), the final Chapter VII “Governance” and an updated $MEGA Token Paper
  • MegaCryptoPolis $MEGA 1:10 swap to Mega World $MEGA
    starting from August 30th (no time limits to accomplish the swap)
  • Mega World $MEGA required for every action in the MegaCryptoPolis
    starting from September 7

Set your reminders! 🤓

A Peek into the Megaverse

With the Mega World Tour launch this August, 24 thousands of players will be able to meet, look at each other, have a chat and explore the decentralized city together. It will definitely show how diverse and full of life a decentralized city could be.

Mega World Tour is a multiplayer tech demo for the megaverse with a test Task for Avatars demonstrating how things will work in the Mega World Alpha. Completing a Task will be rewarded with an Alpha Ticket granting the privilege to be among the first participants of the Mega World Alpha.

Mega World Tour features presentation:

  • Redesigned city streets and Avatar animations
  • Using your Citizens as Avatars to walk down the streets of the MegaCryptoPolis
  • Meet other Avatars
  • Chat with other players
  • Redesigned Cars — a sneak preview of the upcoming Vehicles update
  • Camera mode — for the best screenshots and tweets
  • Guest mode — visiting the city without a digital wallet

With the Tour release, $MEGA will transform into something bigger, to become the core and the central part of the Mega World economy.

MegaCryptoPolis Evolution Stage II

Since MegaCryptoPolis $MEGA launch in October 2020 it was just a supplementary element for the Microeconomics model, allowing for Resources exchange. After the Vault closure in the Evolution Stage I and a new use case for the Municipals, $MEGA is still in its test phase.

Along with the Mega World Tour release, $MEGA is going through exciting transformation with a significantly expanded role in the game economy.

As planned for the second Stage of the MegaCryptoPolis Evolution process, the Microeconomics going through changes to fit the megaverse model:

1. Integrated MEGA

All in-game actions will require $MEGA with the only exception of purchasing Land Plots and Districts. Starting from constructing and upgrading a building, collecting production results, restoring Stamina or taking an Insurance, that is all about $MEGA — no more ETH or TRX will be asked.

$MEGA integration to the core of in-game economics will make almost every action in the game producing or consuming $MEGA. Trading on the markets will remain in ETH and TRX.

2. MEGA Merge

United $MEGA token will be equal on Ethereum, TRON and any other new chains, always the same value and functions.

So, there will no longer be $MEGA on TRON and $MEGA on Ethereum. Finally they will become equal and transferable between the chains — thanks to the upcoming Mega Bridge, providing quick and low-gas swaps.

3. Cross-chain dependencies

With the introduction of an Airport — the cross-chain economics model will finally e in place — for example, that will facilitate Concrete usage on Ethereum and Steel usage on TRON Network to inter-connect economies of different cities.

New MEGA Token

United and empowered $MEGA will require a new smart contract to be deployed.

The good old $MEGA (0x3218a02f8f8b5c3894ce30eb255f10bcba13e654 on Ethereum and TWdSpDKepd6BnHFwzgYFQz2GY9qRrZAiUB on TRON), will be redeployed to be given the core role in the Mega World economy.

A new token will inherit all the properties of the old one — moreover, it will receive numerous new use cases and truly become a centerpiece of the emerging megaverse.

Sure thing, we’ve got you covered — every $MEGA holder will be able to swap the token with an exchange rate of 1 to 10 — so, for every 1 MCP $MEGA a player will be able get 10 new Mega World $MEGA.

The new token smart contract address will be published on August 30.

All the in-game balances in ETH and TRX will remain in place. All the Funds not previously collected from Offices will be still available to collect. For the period of Maintenance Offices and other types of buildings will not be operational. Citizens Stamina will not be consumed and buildings condition will not get worsened for that period. No Natural Disasters will happen.

Mega World $MEGA Use Cases

Starting from September 7, MEGA will be required almost for every action in the game:

  1. Construct a new building
  2. Upgrade a building — level up an existing building
  3. Residential buildings — create new Avatar / Citizen token
  4. Production, Industrial, Energy buildings — collect production results (Resources/Materials or an Appliance)
  5. Offices — collect MEGA from the Funds (Global and Local Funds)
  6. Commercial — restore Stamina for Citizens
  7. Municipal buildings — get Insurance to protect from Natural Disasters
  8. Stake in a District — to unlock Perks for all the buildings in the District

$MEGA can be received in the game from operational Office, Municipal and Commercial buildings.

Part of $MEGA consumed by production will go to the Funds. $MEGA from the Funds will will be distributed through Office buildings.

Districts and Land Plots purchases, trading on the market and Corporation operations will be performed in native blockchain cryptocurrency (ETH for Ethereum, TRX for TRON Network).


Starting from August 30, swap 1 MegaCryptoPolis MEGA to 10 Mega World MEGA on the official Mega World website.

There will be no time limits to swap. Swapped MegaCryptoPolis MEGA will be burned. All the game smart contracts balances and treasury will also be swapped and burned on the old smart contract.

All the players’ balances and staked MEGA in the game will be automatically increased ten fold, so there is no need to withdraw and swap.

Please use only the verified link on the official MegaCryptoPolis ( or Mega World ( websites. Do not trust links provided in Discord, Telegram, Twitter or other channels and always double check for the verified domain address before signing transactions.

How to get $MEGA?

You can get MegaCryptoPolis $MEGA today from liquidity pools on Uniswap, 1inch (on Ethereum) and SunSwap (on TRON) decentralized exchanges.

Please note that MegaCryptoPolis $MEGA is not listed on any centralised exchange (as the Mega World $MEGA will be).

So far the most convenient way may be the Swap button in your MetaMask wallet — just put “MEGA” into the “Swap to” field on Ethereum Mainnet and select “MegaCryptoPolis”:

Also there is always a direct link to 1inch widget on the official MegaCryptoPolis website —

Let’s Get To It

On the day of the Mega World Tour release, the MCP3D (MegaCryptoPolis strategy game) will be closed for maintenance until September 7.

After re-launch on September 7 all the actions in the game will require new (swapped) MEGA instead of ETH (on Ethereum) and TRX (on TRON Network).

The team will need 5 to 7 days for switching all the game mechanics to $MEGA Token and making all the necessary tests and audit.

All the in-game processes will be paused for that period — Funds will not be distributed, no Stamina consumed, no Natural Disasters. Production, Insurance and POI timers will be paused.

⚠️ IMPORTANT! Mega World $MEGA contract is not yet deployed. Please follow the announcements only on the official MegaCryptoPolis and Mega World websites (links could be verified via #resources in the Discord and always available on Twitter). Do not trust anyone offering you Mega World $MEGA before the official release and always double check the token original contract address.

Announcements and all the details on cross-chain bridge to allow $MEGA transfer between chains, updated Vehicles and the Airport to transfer Resources between chains to follow.

We could not thank the community enough for the continued support!

Please check the new Mega World website and the updated MegaCryptoPolis roadmap.



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