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6 min readMay 17, 2022

“The gradual process of change and development” — that’s how Evolution is defined in most dictionaries and scientific books. And that’s exactly what is going on with MegaCryptoPolis. Soon the laws of nature will prevail and the virtual world of MCP3D will become more real than ever before. However, what takes nature thousands of years, happens here in just 3 Stages.

MegaCryptoPolis (MCP3D) city builder game is a core part of the Mega World metaverse. In other words, metaverse is built on top of the MCP’s Microeconomics model, adding a whole new layer of integrated Free-To-Play gameplay and fun experiences.

For some time, MegaCryptoPolis will co-exist as the “Strategy Mode” along with the Mega World “Avatar Mode” to be then completely integrated under the metaverse interface.

The transformation will bring a series of adjustments to the MCP economics to meet the requirements of the metaverse model as was previously described in the “Metaverse Impact” article back in October 2021.

So, enough talks — here’s what is coming to the MegaCryptoPolis in three Stages, starting already this month.

Stage I — May 24

Vault Closure

This is the last week the Bank is open to claiming $MEGA token from the Vault. On May 24 all the Resources contained within will be burnt. $MEGA will no longer be available to be received for Resources on both chains as well there will be no way to exchange $MEGA for Resources directly via the Bank.

Upkeep for Buildings

All the buildings on the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map will receive a new status bar — the Condition. Measured in points, with 100 being the maximum, Condition will influence the building’s results in production.

Condition is worsened a bit over time or with every production cycle. Severe damage can result from a Natural Disaster in a District, if a building does not have active protection by Municipals.

Upkeep is a huge new daily sink for Resources that will finally loop the Microeconomics.

Every working building loses condition points on a daily basis. The Condition points decrease according to their level and type:

  • Production, Energy, Industrial — with every production cycle;
  • Office — every day;
  • Residential — with every collection;
  • Commercial — with every usage by another player;
  • Municipal — every day, depending on the number of buildings in range + additionally with every Disaster in a District of the corresponding type.

Restoring Condition by repairing a building will require Resources depending on the building level and type. The more expensive is to construct a building the more Resources are required to restore the building’s Condition.

With every lost Condition point the performance of any given building slightly decreases. However, the decline is not linear — the first missing 10% of Condition points affect the efficiency much less than the last 10% do. When the Condition falls to 10% or less the building stops all operations.

Natural Disasters will do significant damage to all buildings in a District not protected by Municipals. Players can purchase insurance, to protect their buildings: from a Storm in a Police Station, a Fire in Fire Station, or a Flood in a Hospital.

Insurance is acquired by depositing $MEGA in a building owned by a player and selecting which Disasters to be protected from. The list of Disasters available to provide protection from is defined by Municipals having the buildings in their range. For example, if there are no Police Stations in a range containing the building, protection from Storm will not be possible.

The base price for certain Disaster protection is to be set by a District owner.

Municipal Buildings to Bring $MEGA

The role of Police, Hospitals and Fire Stations is changing dramatically. Now they will be protecting buildings from receiving damage by Natural Disasters.

$MEGA paid by a building owner to receive protection will be distributed between Municipal Buildings having the building in its range based on IP. The characteristics of Citizens appointed to a Municipal will define the income.

Municipal buildings will spend:

  • Condition Points & Citizens’ Stamina for every protected building (purchased Insurance, being in range);
  • Water & Energy daily.

If a Disaster happens, a Municipal’s Condition will worsen significantly.

Level 5 Municipal Protection Zone

The range of protection is represented by a square covering buildings. Its size depends on the level of a municipal building. To protect a building from a certain disaster, it should be located within the range of a municipal building of a certain type. If there’re no municipal buildings in the range, the building won’t be protected.

As a matter of fact ,the protection may not cover the full damage: it will depend on the levels of both the municipal building and the protected one.

For example, if the Level 7 Residential is protected only by Level 2 Fire Station, in the case of Fire in a District the Residential building will receive only 50% protection from damage done by the Disaster.

Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters will become weather-dependent, adjusted on a daily basis. The weather forecast will include the following characteristics: humidity, winds and atmospheric pressure. For example, flooding will be the result of high pressure and humidity and storms will appear due to strong winds and low pressure. The types of disasters will remain the same, although each disaster’s impact and damage will depend on its power:

  • Mild- 15–25 points damage points,
  • Moderate- 35–45 damage points,
  • Extreme — 60–70 damage points.

Extreme disasters are rare and happen significantly less often than mild and moderate ones.

In-game $MEGA Balance

With the first Stage of the Evolution update, players will be able to deposit $MEGA to the in-game balance just like with ETH to make all the transactions with Municipals safe and fast on the Polygon chain.

All the income from Municipals will be collected to the in-game $MEGA balance to be then easily withdrawn to a player’s digital wallet.

No Citizen Customizations

Starting next month Commercial buildings will no longer offer Citizens customization. All the cosmetics for Avatars will become constants to be inherited only through Traits.

Please mind a fresh haircut to get your Avatar ready for the Evolution.

Stage II

The next Evolution Stage will introduce further $MEGA integration to the in-game economics making almost every building type truly dependent on $MEGA. We are working to implement the cross-chain economics model that will facilitate Concrete usage on Ethereum and Steel usage on TRON Network which also result in merging the $MEGA tokens to be discussed in Chapter VII — “The Governance”.

Stage III

The third and the last Stage of Evolution will be released with the Mega World Alpha to feature the new Citizens/Avatars creation model in Residentials with Traits inherited from parents to play the core role in the megaverse mechanics.

New Residentials will be the major demand for $WORLD to connect evolving Microeconomics and the new virtual world.

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