World Demo Featuring Main Tower Lobby, Mayor’s Office and Storefronts

Virtual city starts its transformation into a metaverse enabling players to trade collectable NFTs on a scarce gaming map.

“World” upgrade will enable players to enter buildings with their Citizens as avatars, explore custom interiors created by others, complete missions to collect materials, cooperate with friends, construct unique buildings, craft and trade NFTs on their land plots.

That will make the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map a global marketplace where NFTs are presented as visually attractive objects in the 3D world rather than boring endless lists.

Every new player will be given a free apartment in the Main Tower to start the game in. We’ve arranged a Demo to show how World concept will look like and how players will be able to access their apartments in the Main Tower.

Enter Buildings

The first version of the World Demo allows to visit Main Towers on both maps with a Citizen as avatar to illustrate the major change coming to the game. That is just an exaple of what players will be able to create in their Custom Buildings once the World is live.

Demo will evolve as the World development goes forward constantly adding new features to become Alpha and Beta then (please refer to “Work in Progress”).

At the moment the Demo gives an idea of:

  • how players will be able to enter buildings and explore interiors;
  • NFT objects created in the game and placed inside interiors (learn more about Interiors);
  • players travelling through Blocks in a Custom Building (lift is used to bring player from Lobby to Mayor’s Office — those are in fact Blocks of a Custom Building);
  • metaverse — NFTs from other projects can be used in the World (please check unique CryptoKitties collection presented in the Mayor’s office);
  • building’s location dramatically impact views — compare a panorama in the Mayor’s office (~mid of the Main Tower) and in the Lobby (1st floor);
  • chatting with NPCs (not NFTs 🤓) for missions and quests (more on that in the next Chapter III — Missions);
  • Mayor’s office to be operated by a chosen player — at least 10'000 $MEGA is required to run for Mayor, voting will be done with $MEGA.

Aside of the private apartment and despite the gact a player may have his own unique building, the Main Tower Lobby will still be the place to visit for all the major events and core game mechanics taking place in the Governance Hall.

Take the Tour

Click the Main Tower entrance

Please start the game and press “World Demo” bubble in the Main Tower entrance. After the World launch every player will be able to access the Lobby via entrance of the Main Tower.

Visiting Main Towers on both networks is highly recommend to get an idea of how interiors customization will work.

All the new players will start the game in the lobby. Network will be selected depending on their location that can be also adjusted manually (players will be able to select a Tower they’d prefer to have an apartment in).

The Most Iconic NFTs in the World

Just like unique Astronaut Citizens came with Microeconomy (3D) upgrade for the MegaCryptoPolis game, there will be only 10 unique Storefront NFTs created for the MCP World:

  • 5 in Ethereum’s “Town Hall” Main Tower
  • 5 in TRON’s “Sun Tower” Main Tower

Storefronts are located in the Main Tower Lobby — on the right from Reception — on the way to Governance Hall.

There will be no new Storefronts created in the Main Tower Lobby, ever.

  • Partner’s Lounge reserved for promotions and partnerships to be held in the World.
  • Governance Hall will be used for critical in-game activities and services like the Bank, Companies House, Store, News stand, etc. Elections and referendums will also be conducted there.

Reserved Storefronts (Governance Hall and Partner’s Lounge) will never be available for sale (no NFTs will be created for them).

Every Storefront comes with interior Block (at least 24 x 24) that can be customized by its owner and then easily accessed by every Tower visitor.

Storefronts ownership rights will be initially distributed through decreasing-price Dutch auctions.

Every day an asking price will be reduced by 1/100 until the Storefront is purchased. The next Storefront auction will start no earlier than 7 days after the previous one is finished until all the NFTs are gone.

Initial Prices

An initial price for every next Storefront will be 30% higher than the previous one. The minimal asking price is 1/10, it will never fall lower than that.

Auction ends once the asking price is transferred to the smart contract. All the deals are final.

Every Storefronts is a unique ERC-721 NFT owned by a player and stored in a digital wallet. It can be transferred or traded freely on the internal marketplace or any external exchange (like OpenSea).

Open Your NFT Marketplace

The Storefront’s interior works just like any other interior in a Custom Building’s Block, aside of it’s privileged location. It can be the perfect place to display crypto art pieces and unique objects created in the game, offer services and rare NFTs for sale or just furnish a lovely environment to hang out with friends in the virtual city.

Art Gallery

Storefront owner will be able to customize the interior, place objects and NFTs, including functional ones. NFTs could be offered for sale there making Storefront an actual marketplace.

That said, once the World is live, there are so many ways a Storefront or any other interior can be used for.

Just to name a few:

  • Crypto Art Gallery
  • Corporation Office
  • Museum
  • Furniture Store
  • Clothing Store
  • Appliances Store
  • Resources Warehouse
  • Private Apartment
  • Travel Agency
  • Tax Lawyer Office

Access inside a Storefront can be limited for Corporation members or a certain players with special keys/tickets NFTs. That way a player will be able to perform special events with private invitations and sell tickets for rare NFTs presentation.

Appliances Store

Work in Progress

The World Demo will be enchased with new functions over time as the project development goes forward.

Here’s the plan:

  1. ☑️ First step — interiors, Storefronts, walking, NFTs presentation demo;
  2. ⭕️ Going out — opening the doors of the Main Tower and walking down the streets of the virtual city;
  3. ⭕️ Custom Builder — constructing your first unique building;
  4. ⭕️ Crafting — getting missions, collecting materials, making NFT objects;
  5. ⭕️ Deploying your custom building on the gaming map (World Alpha).

Staking $MEGA will start in Q2 2021 to unlock Perks in Districts, mint $WORLD (NOT RELEASED YET!), vote for Mayor and govern the in-game economics.

Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter for the most important upgrades on the MCP World development.

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