Play to Learn & Earn — University Scholarship Programs in the Mega World Alpha

Knowledge is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

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7 min readFeb 1, 2022

Building up a career in real life starts from learning and getting the first job.
In the megaverse it all starts with the University, where a new player will be able to choose an Avatar and get some guidance — all provided by experienced players.

Mega World Alpha will bring significant changes to how the Microeconomics runs on the original MCP3D gaming map. This article describes adjustments to be made for Resources production in Energy, Industrial and Production buildings and how it will be utilized for the “Play to Learn & Earn” concept.

Management & Avatars

Firstly, a team of Citizens appointed to a building will become “Management”. Secondly, additional actions will be required to facilitate the production — called “Tasks” (previously referred to as Missions) to be accomplished by Avatars in the Mega World (free-to-play mode). That said, production timing will then be defined by Avatars’ activity in buildings rather than fixed periods of time.

Once a building is set up and running, Tasks will appear on a daily basis for Avatars on the gaming map — a F2P player will have to visit a building with his Avatar to pick a Task and accomplish it for reward in $WORLD in order for the building to have its production process running in the Microeconomy.

Avatars completing Tasks in the Mega World is the major way how the $WORLD is minted.

Rewards for Avatars

Tasks in high level buildings will provide Avatars with better rewards, however they will require higher skills and qualifications, as well as more stamina, F2P Resources and even some $WORLD in order to be successfully accomplished.

Buildings with open Tasks will have a $WORLD sign on the gaming map so Avatars with corresponding abilities could find ’em easily. A building owner will be able to put an additional reward on top of the regular $WORLD issued by a Task — that will make a building’s sign even more noticeable. That will attract more Avatars to pick Tasks in a timely manner thus making production more efficient.

To make that happen, a building owner will have to deposit $WORLD in a building, naming a reward per Task to be given for a player who successfully accomplished a Task on top of regular $WORLD mint. Please keep in mind htat 1/2 of deposited $WORLD will be burned — so if you’d like a player to receive 100 $WORLD for a Task, at least 200 $WORLD shall be deposited.

That brings the overall gameplay model to more of a real-life situation, where management controls the building and workers come to a facility to operate production.

So, for a Level 3 Brickworks there could be like 100 Tasks to be accomplished for a Bricks to be ready and collected by a building owner. Something around ~15–35 Tasks per day will be available, with new Tasks popping once all the previous were completed. The number of Tasks available per day may vary depending on a building Level, Influence Points, bonuses provided by appointed Citizens, POIs and installed Appliances. There will be a limit to the number of Tasks an Avatar will be able to accomplish in one building per day.

After at least 50% of required Tasks in a building are completed, the Speed Up button unlocks — allowing to pay 2–10 times more taxes and Resources to collect the production results without waiting for the rest of the Tasks to be accomplished.

We also assume buildings will require $MEGA to collect production results in the Mega World, with less costs in ETH and TRX.

Time is $WORLD

Taking distances on the Mega World gaming map meant to be TIME OR $WORLD consuming. Going on foot wastes plenty of time (if you walk) or F2P Stamina (while running). Subway helps to get through the decentralized city quickly, but there’s only one Station in a District that will not get you directly to a desired place. Bus Stops are helpful as it brings you closer to a building. Taxi ride will take you directly to the point with no F2P Stamina required but may cost anything from 1 up to 500 $WORLD to cross the town. Personal Vehicles (Car Tokens) will operate just like Taxis with significantly reduced costs (yep, there is still some fuel consumption).

For an Avatar, doing Tasks in the megaverse will consume F2P Stamina that could be restored in ~12–24 hours or instantly in any Commercial buildings using $WORLD.

That’s also a way to make Commercials great again — being the only buildings aside from Subways generating $WORLD for Microeconomics players on a passive basis, not to mention Bus Stops for some serious extra income.

Sometimes that may be worth paying $WORLD for taxi to reach a building with high extra rewards quickly — each player decides on the strategy to hunt rewards on the gaming map.

$WORLD Economics

Regardless of a not fixed supply, $WORLD is designed to be in constant demand both by Microeconomy and F2P mode players.

Here’s how the $WORLD will be minted:

  • Average Tasks (3–4 Level buildings) — 10–30 $W per Task
  • High Level Tasks (Huge/Mega buildings) around 100–500 $W

Tasks in high-level buildings may require crafted tools (F2P Items) or direct $WORLD expenses to be accomplished — that said, getting 500 $WORLD for a Task in Level 7 Mega building may require some 50–100 $WORLD spent on tools.

Here’s how the $WORLD will be burned:

  • Subway ride ~2–10 $WORLD
  • Taxi ride ~10s $WORLD — up to 300–500 $WORLD to cross the town
  • Items/Tools Crafting* — 100s $WORLD
  • Interior Customization* ~ 1 000s $WORLD
  • Custom Building Decoration* ~ 10 000s $WORLD
  • Creating a new Citizen (Residential Building) ~ 100 000s up to millions of $WORLD in Huge/Mega buildings
  • Restoring F2P Stamina in Commercial buildings (50%)
  • Reward for Avatars to complete Tasks (50%)

*- to be released in Mega World Beta

Building owners will be able to announce any extra reward for a Task, be it 1 or 100 000 $WORLD what’s enough to attract Avatars depending on location of a building and Bus Stops / Subways situated around it.

The $World University

So, who’ll be all those Avatars completing Tasks in Microeconomics buildings?

Warren Buffet made his first little fortune as a newspaper delivery boy.

Everyone can follow his steps — starting from delivering letters for instant rewards in $WORLD getting Tasks in low-level buildings with the starter Gen K Avatar. Building up skills and accumulating funds will allow player to grab a better Avatar from the market and use a taxi to hunt top rewards in the best Megas in town.

However, that may still not be easy with a free Citizen granting access only to buildings with small rewards. Who wants to grow fast and become a land owner operating his own building one day? Better learn some basics in the University!

Starting with the Mega World Alpha, every player will be able to offer their Citizen Tokens to be used as an Avatar by any other F2P player for a share of $WORLD received while accomplishing Tasks in buildings.

Most likely, University will be settled near the Main Tower on both chains to grant easy access for all the newcomers.

Corporate University

We also consider a good idea to allow players to build their Corporate Universities and invite Students to help them maintain operations in their buildings.

From that perspective buildings will be linked to a Corporation — and Avatars from the Corporate University will be able to complete Tasks only in that Corporation’s buildings.

Might work well with exclusive guidance (like dedicated communities), Custom Building Apartments and a bigger share of $WORLD for a player.

See you in the Mega World!

There will be adjustments offered for Municipal and Office buildings, to be described in the upcoming articles. There will be a dedicated article on new Residential buildings and Unique Citizens describing how certainly their Traits will influence completing Tasks in the Mega World.



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