Custom Architectural Projects for the Mega World Metaverse

MegaCryptoPolis will never be the same again. The launch of the Mega World expansion not only brings an additional layer to the game, that creates a whole new Metaverse based on the MCP3D gaming map. Let’s take a sneak peek at what that could feel like.

As described in the previous Chapters, players will be able to construct Custom Buildings on their land plots and allow others visiting them with Citizens as avatars.

What makes the most significant change here is a new button in the “Construct a Building” menu — as simple as that:

A bridge between Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn concepts

The third article in a series describing the upcoming “World” expansion to transform the MegaCryptoPolis city builder strategy game into a metaverse.

Underlying technology and core game mechanics could be complicated for a casual player to get in MegaCryptoPolis.

So is the entry barrier — one can hardly imagine a way to try the game without MetaMask / TronLink and 0.1 ETH / 4000 TRX ($200–300 at current ETH rates). Things are going to change pretty soon with the World expansion.

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Revolution

A whole new free-to-play layer will allow to invite millions to play for fun, explore the metaverse and learn…

Since 2018 MegaCryptoPolis has become a place to call home for thousands people around the world!

For the past three years, our primary mission was to provide our respected community with powerful tools to build a virtual decentralized world, enable trading with fellow neighbors, growing business and developing Corporations with ownership rights secured on immutable blockchain. To this very day, the game is all about the community which has built it.

That’s how we get used to call the MegaCryptoPolis.

Yes, it is MCP’s third birthday, but we already received our gift. Which one? You guessed right, you, our players. …

Welcome to the future of the MegaCryptoPolis

Virtual city starts its transformation into a metaverse enabling players to trade collectable NFTs on a scarce gaming map.

“World” upgrade will enable players to enter buildings with their Citizens as avatars, explore custom interiors created by others, complete missions to collect materials, cooperate with friends, construct unique buildings, craft and trade NFTs on their land plots.

That will make the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map a global marketplace where NFTs are presented as visually attractive objects in the 3D world rather than boring endless lists.

Every new player will be given a free apartment in the Main Tower to start the…

Continuing the series of articles describing an upcoming “World” upgrade for the MegaCryptoPolis decentralized city builder game with introduction of custom interiors players will be able create in their unique buildings.

Interiors are the important part of MegaCryptoPolis transformation to a metaverse being actual storefronts to present NFTs on a scarce gaming map.

World upgrade will enable players to enter buildings with their Citizens as avatars to explore custom interiors created by others. …

MegaCryptoPolis city builder game transforms into a virtual world to enable trading NFTs on the scarce gaming map using Polygon (formerly Matic Network).

MegaCryptoPolis has implemented Matic Network as a Layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum network past year to eliminate gas fees and make transactions instant that resulted in growth of the Funds up to 550 ETH (major indicator of activity in the game) and monthly trading volume of $350'000.

Starting from March 3, 2021 the second part of the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map running on TRON Network will also migrate to Polygon (Matic).

Recent changes in TRON Network raised a chance of failure for complex actions like creating Citizen tokens in a Mega Residential and constructing complex buildings. That resulted in 50–175 TRX lost in fees for Energy.

Polygon integration will eliminate the filed transaction issue and make most actions in the game absolutely free…

New use-cases planned for the MegaCryptoPolis DeFi-powered Token

Released Oct 28, $MEGA was initially used as a tool to exchange Resources and transfer value between chains.

Over 250'000 $MEGA (worth well over $1'000'000) released from the Vault and/or available in liquidity pools, with over 300 ETH + 1'250'000 TRX worth of value in Resources locked since then. Initially priced at $3.33 we’ve seen $MEGA reached $8 a couple of times, being ~$4.65 at the time of writing.

$MEGA made Resources liquid, and as there was no other use-cases available, most players decided to release ETH/TRX from the pools. All for good… however, the party has not even started…

It’s high time that MegaCryptoPolis got gas fees eliminated on Ethereum with Matic network integration paving the way for free-to-play mechanics with the biggest “World” upgrade planned for the game.

We are starting a series of articles with the first chapter about unique buildings to be constructed and visited in the decentralized city.

Unlike many other building types currently available in the decentralized city, Custom ones will produce nothing and generate zero ETH from the Funds. Instead, players will be able to walk inside them.

A Custom Building can be anything you want it to be — a bar, a…

MegaCryptoPolis integrates layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum network Dec 10

Ethereum gaming map experienced lockdowns for several times already due to tremendously high gas fees back in 2008 and 2020. Along with that, even “normal” 20–40 gwei gasprices left no chances for low level buildings to be cost-effective. Finally, the solution is here.

MCP 2022

MegaCryptoPolis will have zero fee and almost instant transactions on Ethereum network already this year.

The whole decentralized city game logic is built on smart contracts. Over 3 Million events recorded on a distributed ledger since 2018 granting the confidence of assets ownership and game rules immutability.

However, every transaction has its reward for a miner (the…

Multi-year plan for the decentralized city development

Started early 2018, MegaCryptoPolis has evolved from effortless city builder to one of the most complicated strategy games built on a blockchain with it’s Microeconomics, Corporations, DeFi-powered token and the Newspaper.

However, with the every next upgrade the game becomes more and more complicated to the point where it’s hard to explain most of the features to a new player. With so many ways to play MegaCryptoPolis today, none gives a chance to try the game without spending $ on network fees or a game asset.

Introducing a free-to-play “World” concept to change that.

Does it even matter?

Over 500 games released every single…

Mega Crypto Polis

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