MegaWorld Turns 5, Starts Custom Buildings Deployment June 12

A Retrospective Journey of the Oldest Web3 Game

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10 min readJun 6, 2023

We are thrilled to celebrate a culmination of 5 years of uninterrupted development with the announcement of Custom Buildings deployment — the crowning glory of our transition from a city builder game to an expansive universe.

Mark your calendars for June 12, the day MegaWorld unleashes Custom Buildings, the magnificent new MegaWorld website and the MegaWorld ID.

It is the final piece before we approach the pinnacle of our transformative journey — the Alpha, MegaWorld Express Delivery — a virtual realm that fully embraces real-world economics and is available to everyone.

A Glimpse of History

Throughout the years, we have diligently chronicled every step, every milestone and incredible innovation of the MegaCryptoPolis / MCP3D brands in this blog, from the early days of constructing buildings and collecting Influence Points to the present where MegaWorld stands as an unfolding virtual universe.

MegaCryptoPolis (MCP/MCP3D) has flourished, offering new modes and experiences each year, evolving step by step following its roadmap that is filled with significant events. Let’s delve into the detailed progression.

Year 2018

MegaCryptoPolis launches as the first strategy game dApp, introducing players to the concept of building a virtual city together, like never before — by acquiring land plots, constructing buildings and engaging in a strategy where location and surroundings are the core factors to success.

The first land plots in District #43 became available for reservation on May 24, 2018. Smart contracts deployed on that day had never changed since. Being one of the top gas burners on Ethereum network, the MCP dApp contributes to the network congestion highlighting obvious requirements for scalability.

Year 2019

In 2019 MegaCryptoPolis expands its gameplay mechanics with Microeconomics model built on top of existing game assets with significant visual improvements turning the gaming map and all the constructed buildings into 3D right in a browser using three.js and WebGL technologies.

Players’ buildings received defined roles with many becoming Resource producers and other supporting them. Citizens, the backbone of the game, played a crucial role in buildings operations.

Recognizing the limitations of individual players producing all types of Resources, MCP fostered a culture of trade and cooperation among players. Strategic decision-making became paramount as players engaged in trading Resources on the open market to build prosperous virtual city.

The popularity of MegaCryptoPolis soared, and a dedicated community quickly formed. The game’s immense potential was demonstrated as over $5 Million worth of ETH were withdrawn from smart contracts, a testament to the trust and excitement surrounding the game.

Furthermore, in a demonstration of commitment to innovation, MCP team announced multi-chain expansion to start with the TRON Network.

Year 2020

Being one of the most complicated decentralized application in 2020, MCP encountered challenges with scalability on the Ethereum network. Some operations struggled to fit into blocks leading to rising gas fees that hindered in-game actions. To address this, MCP implemented a decision to expand to a new chain and implement a Layer 2 scalability solution.

Another key development was the introduction of the Vault, which shaped the initial distribution of the MegaCryptoPolis MEGA token — players had to lock produced Resources to release MEGA from the Vault. Unlike many other coins, MEGA has never been distributed for free, no giveaways or airdrops ever held, ensuring a sustainable economic model for the future of the game.

The introduction of Points of Interest (Lanmarks and Monuments) offered a wide range of options to develop a District and boost production.

By the end of the year, MCP successfully solved scalability issues, paving the way for smoother and more efficient gameplay. The implementation of Matic (Polygon) Layer 2 scalability solution brought relief, eliminating gas fees and making all the crucial in-game transactions instant.

Year 2021

As MegaCryptoPolis continued to evolve, a decision was made to turn a city builder game into a multiverse — in 2021, the MCP team unveiled an ambitious vision: the transformation into MegaWorld.

One of the primary objectives were to interconnect all aspects of the game and enable free-to-play players to join the fun without the need for digital wallets in the first place. This strategic move aimed to introduce MegaWorld to wider audiences and make gameplay more accessible to all. By removing barriers to entry, the game became more inviting, bridging the gap between the world of Web3 and mass adoption.

The concept was meticulously outlined through a series of articles published in this blog, creating a platform for discussions with the community and fostering a deeper understanding of the upcoming changes.

Towards the end of the year, MCP team unveiled two captivating demos showcasing the MegaWorld concept offering a glimpse into the upcoming experiences. The vision of a dynamic and expansive virtual universe becames a reality.

The year was also marked by the introduction of new use cases for the MEGA token, enhancing its utility within the game.

Year 2022

In 2022, MCP team dedicated its efforts to the development of the multiverse, leveraging the Unity engine as a technological foundation.

The year commenced with the magical conversion of Citizens to PFP Avatars (Profile Picture) used to explore the MegaWorld. A multiplayer tech demo “MegaWorld Tour” has invited industry influencers and streamers to test the limits of the game’s capabilities, with a remarkable on-line presence of nearly 2'000 participants.

The year also saw a number of less popular decisions that, however, aimed to ensure a healthy and sustainable economy. Upkeep costs for buildings were introduced to maintain economic balance and coherence. The Vault was closed and the MEGA tokenomics was fully redesigned to eliminate liquidity drain and meet requirements of the newly presented MegaWorld concept.

Expanding the horizons of MegaWorld, the team presented the BNB City featuring a demo of Custom Buildings. This release demonstrated the game’s versatility and commitment to providing players with diverse experiences across different chains.

Year 2023

As 2023 begins, the year is already bursting with a multitude of releases and groundbreaking features that promise to elevate the MegaWorld experience to new heights.

MegaWorld Builder — one of the highly anticipated features, a game-changing tool that empowers players to design and preview Custom Buildings, allowed players to bring their creative visions to life and estimate the required Resources for construction.

To finally close the gaming loop, Paper requirements to collect MEGA in Offices has been implemented. Cross-chain economics has been invented to interconnect the various cities within MegaWorld, facilitating Resource transportation and trading across different networks.

The introduction of Parcels offers players the opportunity to unite Land Plots into a vast areas and deploy Custom Buildings.

The Gateway to Alpha

With the upcoming releases, players will be able to construct Projects of Custom Buildings created in MegaWorld Builder on the gaming map in MegaWorld Strategy (MCP3D) and use it for their Avatars to live and work in MegaWorld Express Delivery.

The Catalog will become a platform for creators to publish their Custom Buildings Projects, collecting royalties as other players utilize their designs. The release already comes alive with advertisements, providing a realistic and immersive urban experience.

Alongside the deployment of Custom Buildings on Land Plot Parcels, we’re introducing a brand-new website that showcases the evolution of MegaWorld. This revamped platform will provide an enhanced user experience and seamless access to all our exciting features.

This milestone truly marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of an exhilarating new era.

As we conclude our journey with the MegaCryptoPolis brand, we reflect upon the incredible evolution that has taken place, propelling us from a the first on-chain city builder game to the awe-inspiring MegaWorld — a fully-realized virtual world driven by real economics.

Looking ahead to the core milestone in MegaWorld development — the Express Delivery, commonly known as “Alpha”, we are thrilled to unveil the refreshed branding for all the future visual materials.

The New Brand

Introducing the new MegaWorld logo, a symbol that represents the remarkable evolution of the game through countless development cycles. In crafting this design, we sought to strike a delicate balance between embracing new trends and honoring our rich heritage.

Retaining key elements from our iconic past, we’ve woven them seamlessly into a modern aesthetic representing three major game modes:

Three major ways to enjoy the MegaWorld multiverse.

Strategy — representing the actual MegaCryptoPolic 3D gameplay, will allow to manage game assets, construct and operate buildings, produce Resources, trade on the open market. It challenges players to make decisions based on interdependencies between different buildings and chains, careful allocation of Resources, managed Citizens, optimized production and maintenance, long-term planning and efficiency. Requires digital wallet to play, available on desktop and mobile browsers.

Builder — a comprehensive toolset to design Custom Buildings Project for personal use or publishing in the Catalog to sell construction licences. Desktop experience only, no wallet required.

Express — free-to-play mode where players take on the role of couriers, completing delivery orders for rewards in MEGA. Navigating the city, exploring buildings and learning how the Microeconomics words, this requires a little effort to overcome obstacles and strategically utilize public transport to efficiently accomplish orders and earn valuable rewards that can be spend in the game to upgrade the experience. Does not necessarily needs a game asset or a digital wallet to start, designed to seamlessly educate and motivate a player to go Web3. Available on desktop, to be released on mobile devices later.


These colors were intentionally selected to harmonize with the theme of our virtual city, symbolizing its evolution while preserving its rich heritage.

They embody the natural elements and urban landscapes that make our virtual world come alive, bridging the gap between the past and the future.

The primary color palette draws inspiration from the natural colors of a city:

  • The fresh green represents the vitality and growth that pulsates within urban environments, it symbolizes the lush parks, trees, and green spaces that breathe life into redesigned MegaWorld environment.
  • Bricks evoke a sense of history and solidity, paying homage to the sturdy foundations upon which cities are built.
  • Asphalt captures the energy and dynamism of bustling streets and highways.
  • Finally, concrete represents the urban landscape, reflecting the structures that shape our cities.

These colors blend harmoniously, embodying the philosophy of our game, which celebrates the vibrant, ever-evolving nature of urban life.

The Website

We say our goodbyes to the familiar old websites still available for several days to explore,

as they merge into the brand new one with a strong emphasis on players and the market.

The new website places integrated guidelines and market data (“MCP Times” newspaper) at its core, providing visitors with comprehensive and up-to-date information on every aspect of the game. Over the years, certain points in the existing guidelines became outdated, prompting us to ensure accuracy and relevance by reviewing all the materials.

Furthermore, prepare to discover your new identity in the MegaWorld. Embrace a fresh start with the united MegaWorld ID account — the single account to connect your Web3 wallets from all the chains to grant a convenient access to all the MegaWorld experiences and services.

MegaWorld ID allows for wider adoption with no-wallet on-boarding. Every player can start from just having a e-mail address — a virtual digital wallet will be created seamlessly, and as the player progresses through the game and involves to collect his first proceeds, he/she will be guided to open a digital wallet through diving into the Strategy mode.

This is the perfect way to get started in the MegaWorld Express Delivery with engaging challenge to navigate the city and complete courier orders for rewarding outcomes.

With the imminent need for couriers to acquire a substantial number of Units for withdrawing proceeds, players are encouraged to seize the opportunity and deploy their Custom Buildings on the gaming map.

This pivotal moment allows players to prepare for the impending invasion of Avatars.

Have you counted 7 couriers in the slide?

Throughout its journey, MegaWorld has consistently embraced Web3 principles, ensuring that all game actions are 100% on-chain transactions and that all game assets are NFTs provably owned by the players. The game’s marketplace, both within MegaWorld and external platforms like OpenSea, provides players with the freedom to trade and transfer their in-game assets.

With each passing year, MegaWorld has expanded its features, refined gameplay mechanics, and catered to the evolving needs and desires of its community.

This gradual evolution has shaped MCP into the immersive and interconnected MegaWorld experience it is today.

As MegaWorld continues to break new ground, the journey is far from over. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as MegaWorld paves the way for a future where players become architects of their own destiny.

See you June 12.

This marks the final article in the MegaCryptoPolis blog as it has gone through evolution from a city builder strategy game to full featured virtual world based on real economics — MegaWorld.

As we conclude this blog, all future materials, news, announcements and reports will find their home on the revamped MegaWorld website, that will serve as a hub for information and daily insights. All the MegaCryptoPolis blog archives will remain accessible for reference.



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