Mega World Impact on Microeconomics

How metaverse may affect your MCP strategy

With the upcoming Mega World Intro scheduled for November the 2nd we’ll be able to demonstrate what the actual metaverse experience feels like.

During the first year, the MegaCryptoPolis and the Mega World games will run simultaneously with the original MCP3D representing the “Strategy” mode to allow seamless control over the assets stored in wallets, while the Mega World Alpha unfolding the “Avatar” mode focused mainly on no-wallet players for better on-boarding and retention.

Sooner or later, both modes will be united under a single client with native desktop and mobile applications.

The core game loop will be introduced already in the Mega World Alpha with missions in free-to-play mode to mint $WORLD for the Microeconomics.

Read more about Missions

Getting a mission accomplished in th Mega World

Introducing the Metaverse

With the Mega World Intro to be presented the next week, players will be able to walk outside the Main Tower, explore the decentralized city, use the public transport with Bus Stations and Subways, visit the Fellowship Towers, the Penthouse 43, ground-floor Storefronts with Appliance store and NFT art gallery.

Read more about “The Fellowship Towers”

Every land plot owner will be able to check his own building‘s’ basic interior that could be then customized. Neighbors’ doors will be opened as well.

Normally, all the production cycles and assets management processes for the “Strategy” mode will stay the same, except for the most operations will require $MEGA and/or $WORLD.

The Impact of Metaverse

Seems like that will be the first and so far the most important update to the Microeconomics since no adjustments were ever made since the smart contracts were deployed.

Chapter VII “Governance” will describe all the changes in details, here we just want to outline the basics to be discussed with the community.

First things first,

Microeconomics buildings will require $MEGA and/or $WORLD to operate. That creates many new use cases for $MEGA as it will be integrated deeply in the Microeconomics. Huge amounts of $WORLD will be minted by “Avatar” mode players during daily missions given in the Microeconomics buildings to be then burned there, completing the cycle.


buildings will have upkeep — loosing tiny points with every producion cycle or aging even worse without usage, also with a chance to be seriously damaged by a Natural Disaster. And that’s the perfect fit for Municipal buildings to maintain them. Imagine every building owner willing to have a Fire station nearby to prevent the building from having an incident resulting in lots of Resources for repairs.

Not the last,

every Microeconomics buildings will have its unique interior that can be used by players to market game assets, locations, outfits, NFTs or IRL items. Mega World Alpha will also give an idea how ads will be placed in the city.

Also that Commercials will be given a new role of selling outfits to Citizens will make them the major point to create limited NFT corporate branded collections to be distributed in all the Districts.

Benefits for District Owners are mainly obtained through a share from deals made on their territory, lobbying global incentives, attracting Corporations to aggregate their assets and Citizens under transparent taxation policies. District’s transportation availability is the key part to attract mass “Avatar” free-to-play mode traffic to boost land plot sales, constructions and deals.

Greener Buildings

We are still not sure if buildings shall have any additional requirements to be constructed — like real time or help from “Avatar” mode playres. However, an amount of Resources asked to construct a Microeconomics building will double, as a new type of Custom buildings will take the place of entry-levels.

Influence Points rules will not be changed much, Custom Buildings will not have them and will not influence “legacy” buildings.

Most likely, all the Microeconomics assets (being NFTs) will still remain “global”, not connected to a District or a certain location on the gaming map, so there will be no need to micro-manage those. However, any Microeconomics asset can be presented as an item for sale in a building’s interior.

Mega World players will be able to display and shop for NFTs as they do groceries in real life.

Chapter VII “Governance” will also describe the future of the Vault, $MEGA Funds, voting for Mayor, game governance principles and further changes.

Safe Jobs For Everyone

That does not mean we have to stop development of the core Microeconomics gameplay features. Here’s a list of what’s well on the drawing board:

  1. Costless Layer 2 building rents
  2. Jobs for Citizens (like rent a Citizen) also on Layer 2
  3. Traits for Citizens — important for missions results
  4. Layer 2 for $MEGA and $WORLD swaps
  5. Super Appliances to provide buildings with bonuses
  6. Car Plants —crafting Cars and Helis from parts (presumably, produced in Factories after the Super Appliances update)
  7. University— to help educate new players and learn the Microeconomics

Store Closing

We have to admit, the MegaCryptoPolis Store has its mission accomplished and will be closed November 9.

That said, we’d love to announce the final sale event starting Oct, 30 1 PM UTC granting the last 70% discount for 10 days only. All Packs on both chains. That might be the last chance to grab a granted qualified Gen A Citizen. That will never happen again.

There will only be 15000 Gen A Citizens ever created for the MegaCryptoPolis / Mega World. After the Store is finally closed all the Gen A left (~4'600 at the time of writing) will be redistributed then via the Mega World Store — however, not every Mega World Store Pack will have a Citizen inside.

Mega World Store will be opened approx. a month before the Alpha release to help us distribute the initial supply of the $WORLD to give a new gameplay layer a push. Mega World Store will have limited amount of Packs with the only aim to incentivize the economy.

On To The Next One

We had to adjust the roadmap a little bit, giving the priority to Missions and $WORLD mint launch for the core gameplay loop delivery (hopefully!) somewhere around the first half of the next year (at least in Early Alpha), pushing Custom Buildings and Crafting to the final release.

✅ Mega World Demo — Main Tower Lobby, Mayor’s Office, Storefronts

🔳 Mega World Intro [Nov, 2] — Walking down the streets of the decentralized city, entering buildings, featuring the Fellowship Towers and the Penthouse 43 (Custom Building example)

🔳 Mega World Tour — Hanging out with other Citizens on the gaming map: real Citizens as avatars with custom outfits

🔳 Mega World Alpha — The first F2P missions to mint $WORLD and the first tutorial with no-wallet on-boarding

🔳 Mega World Builder — Building Custom Architecture Projects

🔳 Mega World Release — Deploying Custom Buildings on the gaming map

Stay tuned — estim. release dates to be announced soon!

Welcome to the Club!

More than happy to discuss all the points those might affect your current strategy in the Microeconomics!

Please don’t be surprised once you’ll notice the Mega World logo instead of the original MCP in your list of Discord servers.



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