$MEGA Staking and Governance

Released Oct 28, $MEGA was initially used as a tool to exchange Resources and transfer value between chains.

Over 250'000 $MEGA (worth well over $1'000'000) released from the Vault and/or available in liquidity pools, with over 300 ETH + 1'250'000 TRX worth of value in Resources locked since then. Initially priced at $3.33 we’ve seen $MEGA reached $8 a couple of times, being ~$4.65 at the time of writing.

$MEGA made Resources liquid, and as there was no other use-cases available, most players decided to release ETH/TRX from the pools. All for good… however, the party has not even started yet. Three major upgrades planned for the MCP3D to bring a lot more sense for $MEGA starting the next month.

1. $MEGA to Unlock Perks in Districts

Staking $MEGA in a District will unlock unique Perks for all the operational buildings on its territory.

That can be done by a District owner or collectively by players. A certain amount of $MEGA will be required to open a Perk and anyone can stake. While $MEGA remains in the stake a Perk will be active. A player will be able to take the stake back at any given moment — that might deactivate the Perk if there will be no longer enough $MEGA to meet the threshold.

For example, being Bricks producer in District #43 you might be interested in supporting an initiative of some other player already staked 500 $MEGA to boost efficiency of Production buildings, with 500 $MEGA remaining to unlock the next level (all the numbers are exemplary).

Proposed Perks for Districts to be unlocked with $MEGA:

*- to become available with the upcoming upgrades.

Affected buildings will have a new distinct Perk icon indicting the building has a better performance compared to the same buildings in other Districts, that will also make it more valuable on the market.

Perks available in a District will also make it more noticeable in the Districts lists, and all the land plots will get an information on which bonus can be gained in the District.

A District will be able to have several Perks at the same time, however, it will not be possible to unlock all the Perks in all Districts as limited by the $MEGA total supply.

The feature is planned to arrive in March 2021.

2. Stake $MEGA to get $WORLD**

The upcoming MCP World upgrade will operate using a new token named $WORLD required to play in the World and construct Custom Buildings.

After the initial $WORLD distribution in the MCP3D Packs the only way to create $WORLD will be by staking $MEGA in the Vault.

$WORLD will be required for almost every action in the World, aside of Free-2-Play activities to get new players acquainted with the MegaCryptoPolis.

While $MEGA works like DeFi-powered “stabletoken” with its value stick to Resources production cycle, $WORLD will operate as consumable with value mostly depending on players activity and community support, backed by new features and content constantly delivered to the World.

$WORLD is planned to be used as means of payment in the World ecosystem that will allow players to trade on the in-game marketplace directly without any external cryptocurrencies and extra fees.

More details about the $WORLD will be published in the 7th Chapter describing the World concept.

* — proposed game change to be voted for with $MEGA.
** — there is no guarantee, expressed or implied, that the $WORLD token will ever exist or/and will be listed on any exchange.

3. Decentralized City Mayors and Governance

What is actually very special about MegaCryptoPolis is that it has never had any number or formula adjusted after the smart contracts were initially deployed. Existing gameplay layers’ balance had never changed since the day one in 2018.

However, there are different points of view on how the game could be changed for better coming as suggestions from players — and when it comes to make adjustments in a decentralized game, we can’t go without the community reaffirmation.

Along with that, MegaCryptoPolis community has grown significantly over these years, demonstrating it’s independency and willing to help the project development. We just want to have a proper tool for that.

There’s nothing like $MEGA that is able to represent an aggregated “power” of land plots, Influence Points, Citizens and Stamina combined for effective production.

As the most changes are still offered by the MCP Team, we’d like to have a Mayor to help us in highlighting community proposals and representing players’ interests.

The Mayor

Supposedly, a vote for Mayor will be held every 1/2 Year. A Mayor candidate should have at least 1% of $MEGA held on the wallet for the whole period of governance.

Mayor will not be only the privilege, that’s also a responsibility to maintain community proposals. A Mayor will be able to send 3–12 proposals for voting, soselecting the most important ones will be totally up to him.

Voting for Mayor will be done using $MEGA, however only land plot owners will be invited to vote with 1 vote (at least some $MEGA is required on in-game balance) from one wallet with a land plot.

Every vote count. Voting will be the major event in the decentralized city, unlocking a whole new layer of politics in the game.

In the World, a Mayor will have the top office in the Town Hall in both maps and unique outfit for his Citizen for a time he owns the title.

That will make the game even more decentralized, as every important decision will be made by players and confirmed by the community - just like it was done for many years - now that will be documented and written as a history on distributed ledger.

The Proposals

After there will be a new proposal (from the MCP Team or a Mayor) a voting for suggestions will take place. Proposals accumulated the most votes will be accepted for implementation. There will be no limit for $MEGA in voting, the more $MEGA is used — the more chance a proposal will win.

A honor to be the first Mayor will be given to a representative of the MCP Team to demonstrate how everything works.

The first proposals will be, most likely:

  • Double the Commercial Stamina Restore Prices
  • Pets do not affect Breeding (Jeffy B’s initiative)
  • Districts will be able to adjust days of the Funds distribution
    (from 30 to 999 days)

Certain dates for voting and suggestion system will be announced soon.

Important Information

We are publishing articles in the blog to describe possible features for the MegaCryptoPolis game. Discussed with the community then, these features may be approved, changed or declined. That’s how the governance is actually done at the moment. This document is work-in-progress — described features may not be implemented or may be implemented in another way.

Please join the Discord server and hit Astro in #player-help to join the conversation.



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