First Days in the New City

BNB Chain construction launch results

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5 min readFeb 24, 2023

Though it has only been a week since the opening of BNB World, the city is already buzzing, signaling the start of an exciting new chapter in our journey as every player is trying to win the race of manufacturers before The Builder release.

During the first 7 days, players have constructed more than 200 buildings and done over 1000 production runs. Already 14 Citizens were given a birth in the new city. Even some 6 buildings were demolished, supposedly not to spoil the city’s appearance.

Contrasting Communities: A Tale of Two Districts

While the District #304 governed by the MegaWorld team that has ensured that all the players are treated equally and have a good opportunity to thrive, the District #305 has implemented a fair and democratic tax system for all the building types, excluding Municipals — prioritising development and production over superfluous and non-essential matters. Indeed, no Natural Disasters have yet happened in the BNB City.

On top of that, District #305 has fully unlocked the precious “Faster Production” Perk and second stage of “Double collect” for Industrial buildings that gives +25% chance of less time required to finish a production cycle and 5% chance of receiving double of the amount.

District 305 Perks

We applaud the Bevans’s commitment to District development and would like to express our deepest gratitude for the unwavering support of players in establishing the thriving economies in both Districts.

The impact of these actions reverberated throughout the first week of production, leaving a trail of unparalleled success:

Look forward to seeing the continued growth and prosperity of both #304 and #305!

Ready for Takeoff

The city of BNB is very sparsely populated thanks to BNB Starter Packs, but the first guests and cargo already here, and there are more coming.

Nothing brings cities together like a connection between them, and there’s nothing better than a big plane to bring both Citizens and Resources to new places.

The best rates to move your Citizens and cargo are 12 PM and 12 AM UTC time every day as all the ticket prices are set to base.

Base prices

First Deals Made

The BNB market is breaking ground with 300 BNB in sales, and 1/3 of that in Resources traded between players.

New District Coming Soon

A new District #303 southwest to the BNB Tower is set to open soon, and we invite you to seize the opportunity to become the governor and shape the future of the new territory.

Win the auction, define the rules and set initial prices for land plots, leave your mark on the BNB City gaming map forever:

Journey Through Challenges

We wanted to take a moment to address some issues that arose after launch. We worked tirelessly to overcome consequences, however, some impact was made.

While we encountered that Steel could be used instead of Plastic and District Perk enabled speed ups each 16 hours for 26X taxes, Cooleruler managed to construct 2x Level 6 beautiful Office towers:

Here in MegaWorld we recognise that it is not within our right or ability to diminish players’ achievements — there is no way of turning back the updates or demolishing the buildings — but we were faced with a difficult decision to be made in order to make the game fair again for all the players.

That said, we had to reduce IP received in the Offices — 2x Level 6 towers will operate as 4x Level 5 until the required amount of Plastic is not deposited. That will not be visible in the game interface, however, strictly hardcoded in the MEGA distribution formula.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped us along the way, offering support, advice, and invaluable assistance. We are committed to ensuring that such occurrences are avoided in the future and appreciate your patience and understanding.

MEGA Rewards for BNB Builders

In recognition of your efforts, we are thrilled to announce a special reward for our community. One time MEGA airdrop for everyone building on the BNB Chain during the first two weeks.

On March, the 1st we will increase in-game balances of MEGA for those who have constructed at least 1 building in the BNB City. Most likely, rewards for high level buildings will be higher than starter ones.

Also, taken in consideration all the unexpected challenges, BNB City builders constructed their facilities during the first week after launch will be eligible for double rewards.

The first snapshot has been taken ✅

Today we were able to get back on track and continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We could not have achieved this without you, and we look forward to many more exciting adventures together!



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