Cross-Chain Dependencies with Airport to Transfer Materials & Citizens

Interconnected economics coming to MegaWorld this Q1

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6 min readJan 11, 2023

In recent years, Web3 games have taken the world by storm, providing players with a revolutionary new feature of provable digital assets ownership and trading. MegaCryptoPolis has taken it to a whole new level with player-constructed NFT buildings powered by resources produced by other players in their NFT buildings rendering all the operations on smart contracts deployed on 3 independent blockchains and 2 sidechains.

This year, we’ll go even further beyond.

MegaWorld is set to be a game-changer in the MMO genre, offering players an immersive and truly engaging experience allowing to construct and shape a unique player-owned virtual world, while also connecting with others from all around the globe to build a thriving community.

A number of significant upgrades will be delivered already this quarter starting from legacy buildings construction on BNB Chain, cross-chain dependent Materials and Airport to transfer assets between chains.

MegaWorld Alpha release will require players to accomplish tasks in “Avatar mode” (Free-2-Play) for buildings to produce Resources and operate in the “Strategy mode” (Microeconomics).

It should be mentioned, the MegaCryptoPolis title (along with “MegaCryptoPolis 3D” and “MCP”/”MCP3D”) will be eliminated, with the “Strategy mode” to be operated and marketed under the MegaWorld brand.

The new MegaWorld website will feature a MegaWorld ID to unite player’s assets and Avatar for all the chains, gameplay modes and the Builder; a Lobby to link wallets and manage settings, rankings, public profiles and a lot of social interaction.

We can’t wait to see the amazing creations that players will come up with to be deployed on the gaming map when The Builder is released Q2 this year.

New Materials

In order to interconnect economics on different chains (cities on Ethereum, TRON Network and BNB Chain) there will be a number of new Materials produced exclusively on a certain chain, while other will require them to be delivered.

A set of new Materials will be introduced:

  1. Compounds — Advanced Materials, each minted exclusively on 1 chain

2. Paper — Complex Material, minted on each chain like any other Material

3. Plastic — Complex Material, analogue of Steel and Concrete for BNB City

Compounds and Plastic could be transferred via Airport between chains.

New Materials will be required to operate, upgrade and maintain buildings on all the chains.


Compound will play a crucial role in Level 3+ buildings construction and maintenance, Cars* and Paper production.

Compounds will be produced from Bricks and Glass in a new Chemical Plant building (Production).

  • Glue produced only on Ethereum
  • Mixes produced only on TRON Network
  • Composite produced only on BNB Chain

* — in the Cars Plant release.


Starting already Q1 2023 all the Offices will require Paper to collect $MEGA.

Paper is created from Wood, Sand (from the same chain) and Compounds (both from other chains) in a new Paper Factory building (Production).

For example, in order to produce Paper on Ethereum, Mixes and Composite will be required. To produce Paper on TRON Network, Glue and Composite will be asked.

New Buildings

In order to create new Materials several Production buildings will be added to the list:

  • Paper Factory to produce Paper
  • Chemical Plant to produce Compounds
  • Plastic Factory to produce Plastic — available only on BNB Chain

Most likely, players will be able to convert their existing Brickworks and Glassworks to Paper Factory or Chemical Plant buildings with the same level.

Transferring Materials and Citizens

Airport feature will allow to transfer Citizens and selected Materials between chains.

Materials to be transferred:

  • Complex Materials (Steel, Concrete, Plastic)
  • Compounds (Glue, Mixes, Composite)

Airport transfers will require a ticket paid in $MEGA — with a price depending on a type of cargo, a direction of travel and amounts to be transferred. That said, a ticket from Ethereum to TRON and a ticket from TRON to Ethereum may have different costs.

There will also be different tickets for different Generations of Citizens. Gen K/Z Citizens (tutorial Citizens) are not allowed to be transferred.

Part of $MEGA charges as a ticket fee will be distributed between Global Funds of destination and departure locations.

Transfers could be done only between wallets of the same player.

All the Airport transfers are instant — a player will be able to use or trade transferred tokens the same moment.

Building Requirements

Every building requiring Steel, Concrete or Plastic (equivalent on BNB Chain) to be constructed, repaired or operate will ask for 1/2 chain’s native top Material rounded up plus 1/4 of each top Material from other chains rounded down.

For example, if a there is 4 Steel in costs for a building on Ethereum nowadays — 2 Steel, 1 Concrete and 1 Plastic will be required then, but if there is 1 Steel in costs, only 1 Steel will be asked.

Compounds will be required for Level 3+ upgrades, maintenance and Paper production. These operations will always use Compounds only from other chains — that way, Glue will never be asked on Ethereum network.

Later Compounds will be added to Factories for Advanced Appliances and will be vastly used in Special Buildings (like Cars Plant to produce Vehicles and Helicopters).


In order to balance the upcoming upgrades with existing gameplay, buildings maintenance will require less Basic Materials, but Compounds from another chains.

MEGA in the Funds will be doubled on all the chains, including District’s funds. BNB Chain will have starting 1'000'000 $MEGA Global Fund.

Districts Funds will have a feature to set distribution time from 90 to 365 days, the minimal treshold of 90 days will be applied to all the Districts with current value below 90.

As requested, Municipals operations will be adjusted as well:

  • Electricity and water costs will be reduced up to 65% for Municipals
  • Less Condition Points lost per Cycle in Municipals
  • Stronger upkeep reduction (+10–15%) for all the buildings acqiured Insurance
  • +1 to all the Municipal effects ranges
  • Increased costs for Level 6–7 Insurance

After that, the next level Natural Disasters will be unlocked.

The overall idea behind described upgrades is to build the extensive virtual world where players are working together in different cities to gather scarce Resources and produce Materials, build structures, exchange scarce assets to further develop a robust player-driven economy.

As the MegaWorld continue to grow and evolve, we want to hear your thoughts on how we can develop the game to best meet the needs and desires of our beloved community.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas with us on our Discord server, where you can engage with other members of the community and discuss options for the future upgrades.

Let’s make the MegaWorld a better place!



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