Celebrating 3rd Birthday — Staking $MEGA to Unlock Perks in Districts

Since 2018 MegaCryptoPolis has become a place to call home for thousands people around the world!

For the past three years, our primary mission was to provide our respected community with powerful tools to build a virtual decentralized world, enable trading with fellow neighbors, growing business and developing Corporations with ownership rights secured on immutable blockchain. To this very day, the game is all about the community which has built it.

That’s how we get used to call the MegaCryptoPolis.

Yes, it is MCP’s third birthday, but we already received our gift. Which one? You guessed right, you, our players. We are blessed to be right where we are, but it does not mean that we are even remotely close to face the “Stop” sign, we are just getting started!

We appreciate you, being creative, vocal, and taking a crucial part in the direction of the game.

Especially we want to thank all of our talented players, who have been developing tools, so all players can dive deeper into all aspects of the game!

Today we are giving back to you, by announcing our $MEGA Birthday Raffle!

$MEGA Staking

The further we go into evolving MegaCryptoPolis, the deeper $MEGA will get integrated into the fundamental mechanics of the game. Not only that will allow voting for Mayor, lobbying adjustments and impacting project development, that will become the major source for everything Mega World and unlock new features as a part of staking initiative.

The first stage of $MEGA staking enables unlocking Perks in Districts to:

  • Increase POI Range — increases the range of POI influence for a certain type of building in a District;
  • Double collect — gives a chance to receive double of the amount a production cycle in Industrial, Production and Energy buildings;
  • Produce Faster — decrease time required to finish a production cycle in Industrial, Production and Energy buildings;
  • Make Siblings — gives a chance to receive an extra Citizen token with the same avatar and qualifications in Residential buildings;
  • Get Extra Appliances Slots — provides additional slots for Appliances to reach even higher Influence Points for all buildings in a District;
  • Get Extra Stamina for Citizens — additional stamina points for appointed Citizens in all buildings in a District.

A certain amount of $MEGA is be required to unlock a Perk. After that a Perk can be leveled up further by staking more $MEGA, increasing a power of the bonus it provides. $MEGA can be staked by any player interested in improving the District and make it more attractive for the new neighbors, not limited to District Owners. Essentially collective staking is the way to succeed!

While $MEGA remains in the stake a Perk will be active.

$MEGA you have staked can be returned at any given time. However, that may deactivate the Perk if there will be no longer enough $MEGA to meet the threshold.

Don’t let your neighbors decide in which direction your District will go!

How to unlock a Perk?

Navigate to the “Districts” tab. There you can see all the Districts, the amount of $MEGA staked in them, unlocked perks as well as their respective levels and benefits they provide.

Choose the desired District and press “Stake $MEGA”. Carefully read through the perks and benefits they provide.

On the screenshot above you can see:

  • Which perks are already unlocked in the District
  • Level of perks as well as their benefits
  • The total amount of $MEGA Staked in the District and by how much players were involved in the staking of particular District
  • By pressing “View Stakes” you can check players who have staked their $MEGA as well which perk they chose

Using Perks

Buildings affected by the Perks will have a distinct Perk icon indicating the building has a better performance compared to the same buildings without perks in other Districts, presumably making it more valuable on the market.

Active Perks for a certain land plot are displayed in the interface:

Perks will make Districts specializing even more on a certain type of production and getting maximum of it. For example, a District may have several Industrial POIs, lower Industrial taxes, and Perks both of POIs and Industrial buildings. That will make operating an Industrial building in that District way more reasonable than in others and will possibly attract new players.

How to get $MEGA?

As of now, there are several ways to get $MEGA

  1. Get $MEGA from UniSwap (V3)
  2. Lock your Resources in the Vault to release $MEGA
  3. Purchase Resources on the Market or Packs from the Store and lock Resources in the Vault to release $MEGA

$MEGA Birthday Raffle

For the next 30 days, we will be raffling 2 lucky winners each week (on each network) from all the participants of $MEGA staking to receive a unique Pet Token — Chameleon. Only 8 Chameleons will ever exist!

Chameleon symbolizes the unique possibility of MegaCryptoPolis project, despite its incredible complexity, to change and adapt so much through those three incredible years — with even more to come.

Winners will be announced in Discord channel every next Thursday: 3, 10, 17, 24 of June. Tokens will be minted until June 30.

Congrats on three years of an exciting journey!

Whatever you choose MegaCryptoPolis for in-depth economy, fancy buildings, or an opportunity to build your own world,

we welcome and salute you!

We thank you, for staying with us for such a long time and can only hope that you will stay with us for a bit longer!

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