April 2/2 — Mega World Dev Report

Today we’re carrying on with our new tradition of publishing bi-weekly development reports. We believe that such practice helps our players and passionate community members to keep up with the development process and stay updated on the current state of Mega World transition.

Here’s what has been brewing recently:

Mega World Multiplayer

The multiplayer component is an integral part of the upcoming metaverse. We’ve just passed the first playtests with several members of the team meeting inside the Mega World to discuss further improvements to be made.

The most popular question in the built-in chat was about blank Avatars — however, the Art dep. assured all the 63,989 Ethereum and 27,634 TRON Citizens including all the new generations will have a fresh new look, with Gen As and Gen Bs receiving unique outfits those will not be available later to be acquired in Commercials or somewhere else.

One-of-a-kind Avatar

In the Mega World, each Citizen will have his/her own character. In the last reports, we’d already revealed some of these changes: detailed faces, fancy clothing styles and gestures to represent emotions more precisely in the metaverse.

Still, given the fact there is a number of unique Citizens like Astronauts, Alpha and Beta Citizens well known for their shiny helms, it would be unfair to lose their originality, that’s why they will receive their own models.

Most importantly, Astronauts will become actually UNIQUE, not just 1 of 10, but truly one-of-a-kind 1/1 thanks to tiny colored strips on the suit. Certain colors will be defined by the ordinal number and published days before the release.

Also, thanks to guys from the Unity dep. most likely we’ll be able to make the World reflect in the Astro’s golden helm by the Beta. Should be mentioned, all-10 Qualification Citizens will not receive the unique Astro Avatar model.

MCP3D Evolution

As we’ve discussed recently, the metaverse will have a significant impact on Microeconomics. The first pack of improvements to be made in the MCP3D “Strategy Mode” will go under the name “Evolution”. As stated in the roadmap, it comes with 5 major elements:

  • Upkeep for Buildings
  • Redesigned Municipals
  • Powerful Natural Disasters
  • Vault Closed
  • $MEGA required for gameplay

Following the closure of the Vault and burning of all the Resources contained within, the MEGA Token will receive a new usecase in the MCP3D — to pay for municipal services. That’s what also gives Municipals a new significant role and includes them in every District’s economics, protecting other buildings in a certain radius of their influence.

All the details will be covered in the upcoming article “MCP3D Evolution” a couple of weeks before release, already the next month!

Stay tuned!



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