Custom Architectural Projects for the Mega World Metaverse

A bridge between Free-To-Play and Play-To-Earn concepts

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Revolution

That’s how we get used to call the MegaCryptoPolis.

Welcome to the future of the MegaCryptoPolis

MegaCryptoPolis city builder game transforms into a virtual world to enable trading NFTs on the scarce gaming map using Polygon (formerly Matic Network).

Starting from March 3, 2021 the second part of the MegaCryptoPolis gaming map running on TRON Network will also migrate to Polygon (Matic).

New use-cases planned for the MegaCryptoPolis DeFi-powered Token

MegaCryptoPolis integrates layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum network Dec 10

MCP 2022

Multi-year plan for the decentralized city development

Does it even matter?

Mega Crypto Polis

Building the world's largest decentralized city in the new strategy game on the Ethereum blockchain. Join early:

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